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The soon to be former H-Town Police Chief gave himself a grade of an A-Minus yesterday.  Of course, the Mayor-Elect’s grade is the only one that counts.

Commentary’s take on the nonexistent H-Town Latino vote last Saturday went statewide – sorta.  Texas Monthly’s political guru put me on his blog – thanks.

The Mayor-Elect announced key transition players yesterday. The next couple of weeks or so ought to be interesting as we get to see who gets what and who gets left out.

Commentary learned yesterday that one of the younger political players that Commentary thinks a lot of credited Anna Eastman’s victory in part to the “mommy mafia.”  That’s a good one.  Anna asked if members of the “mommy mafia” should be sent an invitation to her swearing in.  I reminded her of the “mommy mafia’s” code of silence which prevents the revealing of members.

From Hearst Newspapers today:  “Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm headlines a group of 18 Texas economists who signed a letter released Thursday by House Republican Leader John Boehner opposing another economic stimulus package.”

Grammstander is one of the fellas that CNN named to their scoundrels list last year for being one of the major contributors to the 2008 economic meltdown – so shut up!

Commentary doesn’t usually mind the takes The Roundtable puts out every Wednesday afternoon, but that wasn’t a nice thing to say about Mayor Bob a couple of days ago.  I wonder if he read it.   Worse, I wonder if Elyse read it – yikes!

Once again, Tessa Goth gets the Best Christmas Card of the Season Award.  Tessa always does a take on notable album covers.  This year’s is the Carpenter’s Christmas Album – cool.  Commentary’s card will be going out today due to a late start due to a late run-off. 

It looks like the movies with the blue folks, Clooney, and rugby are on my list for now.

My pal Drayton still owns the ‘Stros today – whew!


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