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“Let me attempt to thank you all for your help in achieving a victory Saturday night.  I’m sure to leave someone out, but will still make a go of it.

“First let me thank the voters of District 1.  We had an uphill battle on many levels and your faith in my ability to do this job came through in the end.  I am humbled to have been selected by you and prepared to work diligently to do right by our kids.  I will count on you to inform me, to question me and to hold me accountable.

“I’d like to thank my family.  My dear, sweet husband Brad, who was telling friends I was going to run before I had fully decided myself.  He encouraged me from day one and defended me fiercely on the campaign trail when he wasn’t traveling for work or taking over household and parenting responsibilities.  Whenever I doubted myself, Brad was the one who consistently reminded me to remain true to myself and all would be well.  My three children, Ely, Abby and Daniel, have been patient and supportive over the last three months.  A campaign is hard on a family and this one was fast and furious.  I selfishly guarded their bedtime and tried to consistently be there for an end of the day snuggle, song or chat.

“I’d like to thank Natasha and Dianne for setting the stage for this race to play out as it did.  Their wisdom, support and guidance throughout the process have prepared me well to hit the ground running.  These women have worked tirelessly with their fellow board members to make our schools better places where all kids will have the opportunity to learn equally and well.  I hope that I can match their passion and smarts at the board table.

“I’d like to thank Marc Campos my political consultant, of supposed dubious reputation.  Marc was skeptical at first, but in the end worked as hard as anyone could have wanted.  I think everyone has heard the story of him suggesting I wear a little more make-up.  But not everyone has heard that within a couple of weeks of working together, he was encouraging me to be myself, gave me sage advice, did everything I asked, pointed me in a direction and used my ideas and words to help me present myself to the community.  He and Marisol are good people I am proud to be able to call friends.

“I’d like to thank Christine for organizing and rallying volunteers, but mostly for becoming a good and dear friend.  

“I’d like to thank Randy Twaddle and Dave Thompson and their team at ttweak for the school bus yellow signs and spectacular presentation of my thoughts, ideas and hopes.

“I’d like to thank the Houston Business Education Committee, Houston Chronicle, Harris County Women’s Political Caucus, HISD Parent Visionaries, Linda Toyota and Texas Support Personnel Employees for their confidence and endorsements.

“I’d like to thank my old friends, family and acquaintances who encouraged me from day one and were there to block walk, work the polls, email friends, contribute to the effort and not get mad when I failed to return calls or simply hung up mid-conversation to take a pressing phone call.  They were always there when called upon to lend an ear, tell me to buck up, laugh at the absurd moments and keep me grounded.

“I’d like to thank my new friends and supporters.  I have come to know an amazing array of people committed to the children of Houston, many who took a risk (and some flack) for stepping out.   Many thanks go to the volunteer effort, but also to financial contributors who invested in our kids and public schools through this campaign.  I look forward to looking back years from now and being able to call each of you old friends.

“And finally, I’d like to thank my opponent, Alma Lara, and her supporters for running a tough run-off campaign that made me work twice as hard to achieve success.  I look forward to working with her and getting to know and representing all of the constituents of District 1 over the next four years.”

You can go to Commentary’s website to check out Anna Eastman Election Night photos.

Let’s see.  The Kinkhole is running for Ag Commish and Lady Foghorn wants to run for Comptroller as a Dem.  Instead of telling voters how the Lone Star State should be run, the H-Town Mayor may be spending a lot of time running from the rest of the ticket.

Congrats go to my friend Keith Wade for snagging The Roundtable Pick’em Contest.  Commentary didn’t get a chance to drop by so I wonder if I cracked the Top 10.

Tiger Woods got named Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press. 

The Chron’s Sports Columnist Know-It-All on his blog today wants that Mark Cuban fella to buy the ‘Stros from my pal Drayton – great.  That means St. Arnold prices will go up to cover all the fines from MLB that he will accumulate.


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