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Every H-Town Latino political player ought to be embarrassed at the low Latino voter turnout in last Saturday’s run-off.  I know I am.  Many Latino precincts turned out in single digits.  I don’t want to hear excuses like the mayoral campaigns didn’t direct resources so our folks didn’t show up or we didn’t care.   We can obviously do a lot better.  In the meantime, mull over the following.

The first seven precincts are traditional Second Ward, Magnolia, and Denver Harbor neighborhoods.  The last two

are Northside neighborhoods.  Notice the higher turnout % in the Northside because there was  a Latina HISD



The H-Town Police Chief announced he’s resigning in a couple of weeks.  I guess he didn’t want to stick around and hear “you’re outta here” from the next Mayor.

Meanwhile at yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting, the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector took some shots at the mayor. Check it out in today’s Chron.Now that the H-Town Mayor is on his way out and a candidate for Guv, expect local GOPers to slap him around on how he ran the city.  In the next eleven months, local GOPers will be telling folks across the Lone Star State their version on H-Town Mayor’s six years in office.  Stay tuned!

Joe Lieberman is an inconvenient d__khead if you ask me.  I can’t believe he was on our ticket in 2000.

The Chron has two pieces today on my pal Drayton entertaining selling the ‘Stros last year.  I don’t know about that.  Commentary’s influence over where to set up the St. Arnold kiosks would certainly wane.   I would also stop getting the cool Christmas ornaments.


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