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Of course, my favorite victory Saturday evening was the Anna Eastman victory over in HISD, District 1.  We hung out at Anna’s and Brad’s crib and banged the refresh button throughout the night looking for results.  Current and former HISD trustees dropped in hoping to give Anna a congratulatory hug.  The Election Day volunteers clad in their yellow T-Shirts mingled, ate pizza, and sipped on wine and St. Arnold.  Every time some numbers came in, all eyes focused on me – what does it mean, which precincts are still out, are you worried. (With all this new technology available, they ought to be able to tell us which precincts have been counted.)  At one point we were down by over 250 votes and some folks in the room started to get nervous.  Then the room erupted when we finally took a lead and confidence shot up when we led by 250 votes.  Then our lead shrunk to 97 votes with two precincts still out and nervousness crept back in to the room.  The final results gave Anna a win by 193 votes – whew!

My new real good friend Anna Eastman was a darn good campaigner.  Most of the endorsements and elected officials went with her opponent but it really didn’t bother Anna.  I’m betting that once players in this town get to know Anna and see her in action, they’ll come away thinking that she’s the real deal.  I’m glad I got the opportunity to oversee her effort.  Her campaign was interesting and a whole lot of fun.  Congrats go to Anna Eastman.

Congrats go to Team Parker and their very impressive victory.  I tip my hat to Grant Martin and Adam Harris for steering their campaign into the winning column.  I wish the Mayor-Elect the best as she now has a little over a couple of weeks to put together her staff.

Congrats go to Keir Murray and Kyle Johnston and the folks over at Ron Green’s for helping him dodge a bullet.  Kyle also gets a shout out for getting Larry Marshall across the finish line first.

Congrats go to my pals Sue Davis and Kathryn McNeil for helping their clients – Steve Costello and Annise Parker.

Congrats go to Keith Wade for helping Jolanda Jones keep her City Hall parking space.

Of the major endorsers in the run-off:

Chron went 5 and 4.

Tejano Dems went 3 and 6.

GLBT went 4 and 5.

Local Dem Party went 2 and 3.

Harris County AFL-CIO went 3 ½ to 5 ½ (they had a duelie in the mayoral race).

Hootise Slate went 3 and 4.

HFT went 0 and 2 in HISD races.

In the Roundtable poll, Commentary got 8 out of ten right – they had a turnout question.

The Best Overall Mail Award went to Anna Eastman.

The Most Mail Award went to Annise Parker which also was referred to as the season’s USPS stimulus package.

The Best Individual Mail Piece Award went to Jolanda Jones for the train off the track piece against Jack Christie.

The Runner-up Individual Mail Piece Award went to Jack Christie for his pink slam on Jolanda Jones.

The Silliest Mail Piece Award went to Annise Parker for her board game slap on Gene Locke.

The Best Radio Ad Award went to Ron Green for his vicious hit on M.J. Kahn.

The Best TV Ad Award went to Annise Parker for the relentless hits on Gene Locke.

Now it’s time for the Dem Primary season!

Commentary took a break yesterday and went to see the Texans with My Best Friend.

Commentary got two cool ‘Stros Christmas ornaments this past Friday.  One was from the ‘Stros and the other was from my pal Drayton.  They’ll go up once I get my tree later on this week.


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