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The Channel 11 poll has it 49% to 36% for Annise.  Rice’s Bob Stein who conducted the poll predicts Annise will win by 7 to 8 meaning 53.5% to 46.5%.  We will see!

Aside from the expected bragging, crowing, and strutting by the winning side in the mayoral contest, here’s what we’ll also be talking about Sunday morning.  Were the five H-Town Council Members successful in running Jolanda Jones off?  Did the Houston Federation of Teachers go 2 for 2, 1 for 2, or oh for 2 in the HISD Trustee races?  Was there fallout from the Balls of Holly attack mailer against Jolanda?  Do Council Districts A and B stay in the hands of the GOP?  Does Latino turnout fall below 10%.  Does the Latino vote make up less than 10% of the total vote?  Do more folks show up in the run-off?  Do we see a return of the GOP to At-Large council seats?  Did IRS issues move the numbers in the race for City Controller?  Let’s talk Sunday over a nice bowl of menudo.

One thing is for sure, after Saturday, I have to get my arse in gear and go find a tree, gifts, and catch up on the movie scene.

Tiger’s women are starting to get paraded on the talk shows.  Is that all there is?

Gene Barry is no longer with us.  I liked him as “Bat Masterson.”  He was also in the original “War of the Worlds.”

Let’s see, this Navidad, the ‘Stros got us 34-year old Pedro Feliz, who spent the last two seasons going to two World Serious as a the Phillies’ third baseman.  We got us 29-year old Matt Lindstrom who was a Fish the last three seasons and has a 3.88 career ERA with 20 saves in 25 opportunities.  We’re also getting 30-year old Brandon Lyon who was a Tiger last year and has a 4.20 career ERA.   I hope these moves help us out.


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