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Awww shucks!  City hall insiders were betting that Annise Parker was going to use last night’s TV debate to announce her audits uncovered the problems at HPD’s fingerprint lab.

I guess me and the Chron saw a different mayoral debate last night because I thought the biggest news was Annise Parker appollyizing for running that deceptive $22 million TV ad.   When asked who their past favorite mayor was, Gene Locke said Bob Lanier, Annise would not name one which means she threw Kathy Whitmire in the ditch.  When asked what mistakes in life and career they had made, Gene said his first lawyer job and his first campaign team.  Annise mentioned the $22 million deceptive ad.  Annise also mentioned that if she gets elected, she’ll do away with the system of divvying up the CIP dollars evenly among council members.  That ought to go over well with district council members. 

Speaking of, the Chron has a front page story on CM Jolanda Jones and the five fellow council members that are trying to run her arse off of council.  Check it out. 

The article mentions the Balls of Holly mailer that cracks on Jolanda:  “Lovell said the mailer has nothing to do with party politics but is one council member calling out another for making “inappropriate” comments. She also said the piece should not be seen as an endorsement of Christie, only an effort to support Houston firefighters.”  I don’t know about that.

The KJDEVR has 63,520 voters in Harris County voting in the H-Town elections early in person or by mail.  16% or 10,520 are non Nov. 3 voters.   Of the 63,520, 59% are Anglo, 29% are African American, 8% are Latino, and 4% are Asian American.   61% are Dem, 28% are GOPer, and 11% are Indies.

Of the non Nov. 3 voters, 52% are Anglo, 33% are African American, 10% are Latino, and 5% are Asian American.  63% are Dem, 17% are GOPer, and 20% are Indies.

CEWDEM sent out the mean spirited crack on Commentary and CM James Rodriguez by Vidal Martinez.  I won’t dignify with a response because Vidal is an inconsequential fella. 

Speaking of, since the day Anna Eastman filed for HISD Trustee in District 1, some pitiful fella named Jesse Alred has been posting not so nice things about her.  CEWDEM sent out one of his missiles this weekend.  Somebody finally had enough and put out the following Dear Jesse lettter:

“It is very sad that your experience as a teacher has left you so obviously jaded and angry–angry at administrators, angry at parents, angry at students, and most of all, angry at Anna Eastman. Your name-calling, referring to Eastman as a "lifestyle liberal" and a "Grand Opera democrat" is beyond uncivil. Your claim that "Eastman is known foremost as a food activist" is not only false, but also offensively belittling, as it tries unfairly to minimize Ms. Eastman and the years of important work that she has done as a private citizen–for no compensation–in her children’s school’s PTA, and ignores the fact the she put out her own time and money to create an organization that rewards and encourages effective veteran teachers. Your bigoted and inflammatory rhetoric, such as your claim that, "These days we increasingly have one party with two branches–one ran [sic] by affluent vegetarians who support abortion on demand and who think being Gay is the coolist [sic] thing, and the other led by affluent red-meat-eaters who hate Gay people and think abortion is murder" is thoroughly bigoted, divisive, and disgusting, as is your suggestion that Hispanics and other non-whites should vote against Eastman and for Lara as a matter of racial solidarity. Taken as a whole, your now almost daily posts here on this blog and elsewhere, singling out Ms. Eastman and attacking her on any and every pretext, read like an obsessive cyber-stalker’s bizarre journal. I suspect that Ms. Lara herself would be ashamed to be associated with your remarks. Just think how different things might be for you if you had taken the time you’ve wasted stalking Anna Eastman these last few months and instead spent that time and effort on your own students.  So why don’t you give it a rest?  (Sorry to be so rough, but frankly you’ve had it coming for quite a while now.)”

Take that!

Commentary forgot to mention that sports talk radio is out for a while and Christmas tunes are in.  My little sister sent me CDs of Christmas tunes we used to listen to when we were little including Nat King Cole, Perry Como, the Lennon Sisters, and Eydie Gorme – cool.

The ‘Stros added Matt Lindstrom and Brandon Lyon too replace Jose Valverde and LaTroy Hawkin – interesting.


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