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It looks like over 65,000 folks have voted early in the H-Town election in Harris County.  That’s about 4,000 better than before November 3.  Of course it could be like November of 2008 when a lot of folks voted early and some of us thought that we might be breaking records then it turned out that folks just wanted to beat the traffic.  Folks might want to check back in with me later today once I get the KJDEVR.

Commentary is kind of disappointed with a number of so called “players” these days.  A lot of folks are justifiably outraged at the Hootsie deal and the money he’s getting and the folks he’s meeting.  Nobody gives a rat’s arse about the money paid to a Texas Minuteman by the Annise Parker campaign…..tsk, tsk, tsk. 

I don’t know about Balls of Holly coming out with a mailer against Jolanda.  Commentary voted yesterday and I voted for Dems – period.  It is going to be interesting to see if Dem activists retaliate against Balls of Holly if she decides to seek higher office.   If Commentary pulled a number like that, I’d be dragged through the political campaign grinder.  Let’s see if folks treat folks differently, errr we know they do when it comes to paying off Texas Minutemen.

I think I’ve gotten nine Annise Parker mailers in the runoff.  I think I stopped reading them after about the fourth.

Back to voter turnout, to increase turnout, maybe they ought to take a page from the ‘Stros and have giveaways at the polls like bobbleheads.  I think folks might turnout in higher numbers in Dem precincts if we gave out The Dean bobbleheads.  That would be pretty cool.

Commentary’s mention of CEP/HISD got a lot of run yesterday.  Here’s a taste:

“Possibly if Marc Campos looked beyond the handful of his LULAC 402 buddies who have a personal grudge against CEP he would find they have many supporters.”

“As Gayle Fallon so aptly points out, there are many supporters of CEP, including myself.  I have been to the campuses and I know how good their programs are.”

“I am sorry that many of the LULAC members in the Greater Houston Area were unable to attend the news conference, my Council in particular, to show our support of the decision by the new HISD Superintendent to audit and find the answers to the numerous questions that HISD Taxpayers have been asking for from HISD and CEP for many years.   We will not be deterred from finding a better way of handling our Youth that are at risk.  They deserve more than to just to be warehoused  and maybe setting them up to fail.”

“I am an attorney (not affiliated with LULAC) who has worked in the juvenile courts for the last 15 yrs.  Often when a child is arrested the child is moved out of the home school to CEP (there are a couple of other places as well).  After talking with my clients, children who have been arrested, after they have been in CEP for a few months it is VERY clear that they are learning nothing. The children are basically ‘warehoused’ for the school day.  Very few teachers to number of students.  Students allegedly “work at their own pace”  which is not at all without some direction.  Children who were doing reasonably well in their home schools (ABCs) fall behind while at CEP.”

“This is an absolute waste of our tax dollars.  Anyone who works with kids who have been sent to CEP knows that it is waste of time (the child’s) and money (our tax dollars).”

“In all the back and forth discussion yesterday about CEP, we have failed to hear from candidate Alma Lara who has attended community meetings and stated publicly her support for CEP.    My question to Ms. Lara is this….if elected, will you support the demands of various LULAC chapters and other community members that CEP be seriously reviewed and that its contract be brought to a swift end or will you simply follow your greatest supporter, Gayle Fallon, and turn a blind eye to the needs of our community’s children?  And will you also turn a blind eye because the President of CEP is one of your campaign funders?  And will you also turn a blind eye because your daughter is a CEP employee?   There seem to be too many conflicts of interest for you to be independent enough to do what is right by our children rather than continue to fund the powers that be.  I, for one, am tired of putting our children last when it comes to priorities.”

According to today’s Chron, it doesn’t look like we’re getting Miguel Tejada back – no se puede!

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