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CEP is an outfit based in Tennessee that handles HISD’s alternative schools. My pal Mary Almendarez, a couple of local LULAC chapters, and some Latino education activists claim CEP/HISD is nothing but a dropout mill.  They want CEP out of HISD.  This past Friday the new HISD superintendent announced a review of CEP.  I’m thinking that since he’s new, he’ll probably have the leeway to go after CEP if he finds that they aren’t worth the millions HISD pays them each year.  Other than a couple or so HISD board trustees, I can’t find anyone in town that supports CEP.

According to the KJDEVR, through Sunday in Harris County, close to 42,000 had voted by mail or early in person in H-Town (51,000 plus voted early or by mail before Nov. 3).  Of the 42,000, 59% are Dem, 30% are GOPers, 11% are Indies.  61% are Anglo, 26% are African American, 8% are Latino, and 5% are Asian American.  District D leads with 7,258 followed closely by District G with 7,156.

It looks like the campaigns are acting like the current weather – very messy.   According to today’s Chron, Ned Holmes wrote a check to Hootsie.  Bob Perry wrote a check to the police union – HPOU.  Annise Parker funded a mailer of a bona fide Texas Minuteman – Roy Morales.  Of course, nobody gives a rat’s arse about the “hate” the Minutemen spread.

I guess we now know why Tiger doesn’t play in that many PGA Tournaments.

‘Stros closer Jose Valverde said adios to us yesterday.  He said we had our chance.  Stay tuned!


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