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According to the KJEVDR, after the first four days, in Harris County, 29,931 have voted by mail or in person in the city elections.  61% are Anglo, 28% African American, 7% Latino, and 4% Asian American.   58% are Dems, 32% are GOPers, and 10% are INDs. (FYI:  51,000 cast early votes in person in round 1 – early voting before Nov. 3, so far 23,119 have voted in person early.)

Of the mail ballots, 68% are Anglo, 27% African American, 4% Latino, and 1% Asian American.  55% are GOPers, 41% Dems, and 4% INDs.

3,722 (12%) are non November 3 voters.  52% are Anglo, 33% are African American, 9% are Latino, and 6% are Asian.  61% are Dems, 26% are GOPers, and 13% are INDs. 

In the first round, close to 10,000 mail ballots were cast in the city elections.  To date, in the run-off, 8,193 have been returned and 10,000 are still out there in the hands of mostly 65 and older voters.

Commentary got called last night and participated in a poll/survey.  It was kind odd because they asked a few questions about head to head matchups between the H-Town Mayor and the GOP Lite Guv for U.S. Senate.

The H-Town Mayor will officially get into the race for Guv today but the bad weather will be this evening’s lead new story.

Other than getting their mugs on national news programs, I don’t understand why Dems hold congressional hearings on the White House party crashers.

Next week the ‘Stros go the MLB Winter Meetings and maybe they can pick up a player or two – stay tuned!

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