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The Kyle Johnston Early Voting Daily Report came out yesterday for the first day of early voting and it looks like roughly 10% of the city total are folks that didn’t vote on November 3.  Of course this is only one day so we can’t conclude anything.  Latinos continue with their “No Se Puede” act and came in at 7% of the citywide total.

The weather forecasters are saying that it could snow here in H-Town this Friday morning.  You heard it here first.  If it does, expect campaign workers to build snowmen at all the early voting locations with their campaign signs attached.  The campaign folks are then going to take photos of their artwork and send them out to CEWDEM so CEWDEM can forward to 9,000 folks.  Then Everyone Knew Her as Nancy will check them out and hand out her award for Best Frosty the Political Snowman of the run-off.

Speaking of, I wonder how Everyone Knew Her as Nancy will grade last night’s mayoral debate on Channel 13. 

H-Town’s Grinches – Salvation Army, Houston Fire Department, and Outreach Program – are backing away sort of on checking for papers of needy kids for their toy drives.  I guess the realized that they could end up looking like Scrooge arseholes throughout the rest of the country.  Stay tuned.

Here’s what Carol Alvarado had to say about the matter:

"The holidays are a time for giving — not a time to discriminate.  It is not right to punish innocent children for decisions made by their parents.  I believe that the majority of the people who are donating money or gifts to needy children would not want organizations like the Salvation Army to discriminate against disadvantaged children who deserve to experience the joy of Christmas."

Take that!

On CNN yesterday, leading up to last night’s Presidential Address, Tiger was getting just as much coverage as the troop build-up – go figure.

Speaking of, Tiger today admitted to shortcomings and “transgressions” and is asking if he can take a Mulligan. 

The ‘Stros will try to work something out with Jose Valverde.   Miggy and LaTroy are still options but they will be free to deal with other clubs.  We will see.


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