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Commentary pretty much got a whole lot of folks hot under the collar over the past couple of days on my mayoral campaign takes. Somebody even thought I was the first to inject the croissant factor into the campaign – huh! Personally, I am a flour tortilla guy. Heck, some folks are now making lists to see who’s naughty and who’s nice – yikes! OMG! Nixon’s Enemies List returns! Let see now, it looks like I succeeded in getting the issue of setting up a croissant bakery at City Hall a hot topic. In our own little cyber world, the top issues in this mayoral race appear to be croissants, Enemies List, and City Hall insiders. I sure am glad that over 96% of the voters don’t listen to us. I think I’ll go dark on mayoral politics today, so folks can have a peaceful weekend. Besides, it is Friday the Thirteenth and I don’t want to jinx myself.

One of Commentary’s old buds got elected to an important position here locally last week and I didn’t even know about it until he dropped by and dropped the news on me. Congrats go to Bill Morris soon to be Cy-Fair ISD board trustee.

Tomorrow at The Yard the ‘Stros will host 20 needy families for a special Thanksgiving season meal – cool. According to Tag’s Lines, GM Wade has said that the team will reduce next year’s payroll. I hope that means that the price of a St. Arnold stays the same – whew!


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My old acquaintance Hector has suggested that Commentary’s working for the Gene Locke campaign. I guess Hector who by the way has never met a retainer he didn’t like doesn’t read Commentary. I’ll say it again. Commentary always discloses who his clients are if it is relevant to a take. I remember a few weeks ago folks from the Gene Locke campaign complaining about something I said about their operation. Gene himself complained to a friend and I don’t think they thought I was being paid to crack on them. I’ve pretty much have gotten under everyone’s collar this campaign season.

One of my pet peeves is the attacks on “city hall lobbyists.” I’m reminded of stories like the Latino fella who was a subcontractor to a prime. The Latino was the owner of a small trucking company that hauled processed poop pellets from the city’s wastewater plant. The prime started to short change him. When he complained to the city, the bureaucrats turned a deaf ear. He had to go hire a “city hall lobbyist” so he could get paid. Or how about the Latino fella that owns a towing company that wants to participate in the Safe Clear Program – who by the way does not have a Latino prime contractor participating – but can’t break through the good old boy/girl system so he has to hire a “city hall lobbyist.”

One of the best “city hall lobbyists” was my old pal Ross Allyn. I mention Ross because yesterday I came across an invitation where Ross was hosting a fundraiser in 2003 – a few months before he was taken from us – for Annise’s City Controller campaign.

I got an email last night that said the rumor out there was that I was going to work for that Hotze fella. Folks need to step away from their laptops, take a few deep breaths, and take a walk around the block. Afterwards, close your eyes and click your heels, and repeat after me – “not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyberspace is true.”

You know, I thought folks knew me better than that. There is nothing about me and my work that even in a kazillion years hints of this. Commentary got lucky this campaign season and met up with the most impressive candidate in a competitive race in H-Town. Her name is Anna Eastman. If you haven’t met and talked to Anna, please do. You will come away very impressed. That’s the company I keep.

The ‘Stros Michael Bourn won his first Gold Glove of his career yesterday. There are many more to come.


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The Gene Locke Campaign reads Commentary. They invaded the Controller Annise Parker – CM Peter Brown press conference yesterday and handed out flaky croissants. In today’s Chron, Annise says “Which candidate will say no to insiders and lobbyists running City Hall. There may be two candidates, but there’s only one choice.” Huh! Annise has had a parking space at the City Hall garage for the past twelve years. In my book that qualifies her as a City Hall insider for sure. Plus she has a couple of City Hall lobbyists/insiders on her campaign payroll – ditto huh! She also cracked on Locke’s ties to the Sports Authority but last week announced that she added a fella to her campaign team that was a Sports Authority board member – triple ditto huh! I think she has ODed on croissants.

CEWDEM issued a Happy Birthday to former local Dem Chair Sue Schechter today who will soon be running for County Clerk. Sue is now 57 – yikes – but still don’t need touching up! Happy Birthday Sue!

Meanwhile, GM Wade is still meeting with his colleagues up in Chicago to see if he can make some moves for the ‘Stros.


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It looks like one of the run-off questions will be answered today if CM Peter Brown does endorse Controller Annise Parker. I wonder if the Parker campaign will serve croissants to the media folks that show up. I wonder if Peter will insist on a villa style backdrop. I wonder if Peter will take credit for helping Annise make the runoff.

The stadium issue is getting some run in Chron.com. The Gene Locke folks were handing out flyers at the Dynamo game this past weekend saying Annise was against the new Dynamo stadium. Hey, that’s what happens when your TV ads cracks on stadiums. Annise probably scored some points with her anti stadium ad rhetoric. So it is fair for the Locke folks to try to win over soccer stadium diehards. Of course, I’m betting that the Annise folks will head down to The Yard today and slap some masking tape over her name on the plaque that was unveiled when they opened The Yard that was built with some tax dollars that voters approved in 1996.

Meanwhile, GM Wade is meeting with his colleagues up in Chicago to see if he can make some moves for the ‘Stros.


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The way I see it, we have around 33 days of hearing everybody’s opinion on what may happen in the H-Town Mayoral Run-off. Heck, we’re already hearing them. I don’t have a problem with that but would folks please disclose who they are supporting or endorsing or helping before they hand out a take.

Who’s going to vote in the run-off? What are the GOPers going to do and will they even show up? Who is going to raise the most money? How much of a difference will money advantages make? What is the Chron E-Board going to do? Does CM James Rodriguez weigh in? Will African American voter turnout increase? Will someone tell Latino voters that there is an election and will they show up? Where do CM Peter Brown’s voters go to? Where do Roy Morales’ voters go to? Who votes early? Who votes on E-day? Who does Peter endorse? Who does Roy endorse? Will GOP heavyweights take sides? Will more voters show up in Round 2? Who cares?

I will say this. There are only a little over 8,000 votes and 4.6 percentage points between the two run-off contenders. Commentary continues to stay on the sidelines.

Speaking of multiple analyses, UH’s Tatcho has revised his Latino turnout results: Parker 28%, Brown 25%, Morales 24%, Locke 19%, other 5%. Hector has Latino turnout at: Brown 29%, Morales 27%, Parker 25%, Locke 14%, other 5%. Greg has Latino turnout going by neighborhoods: Brown 26 – 27%, Locke 15 – 28%, Morales 19 – 24%, Parker 21 – 31%. The Chron has Latino turnout going: Brown 31%, Parker 27%, Morales 26%, Locke 13%.

Commentary has to disagree with all of them. That wasn’t a Latino turnout. That was a Latino focus group that showed up on Election Day.

Meanwhile, Commentary and MariGirl went to the Gene Locke Latino Lunch this past Friday and came away very impressed. It was a standing room only crowd at a packed East End restaurant – probably close to 200 Latino folks showed up including electeds, former electeds, precinct judges, business owners, professionals, civic leaders, and activists. There was a lot of excitement and energy in the room. If the Gene Locke campaign can build on what was in that room, they could rack up some margins in December. Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros website is getting ready for next season by letting us know that we will be celebrating 45 years of being called the ‘Stros. That’s 45 years of ‘Stros after being first named the Colt 45s – cool.


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The buzz among some Latino political leaders was the pitiful Latino voter turnout this past Tuesday in the H-Town elections….tsk, tsk, tsk. Heck, this is probably the only prediction I got right. I was checking out the unofficial precinct returns and in some of the more traditional and older Latino neighborhoods, we voted in the 9% to 11% range. In the Heights, a lot of those precincts voted at around 30%. In Shepherd Park Plaza (Durham Elementary just north of Garden Oaks) they voted at 35%.  Pleasantville voted at 30%. I don’t want to hear any excuses like Latinos didn’t want to go to the polls because they thought they might get a 287(g) put on them. I’m going to recommend that the next Houston Area Latino Summit focus on Latino voter participation. For now, our “Si Se Puede” slogan has been temporarily revoked. We can’t Si Se Puede if we keep doing No Se Puede! All of us Latinos that are involved in H-Town politics ought be hanging our heads in shame right now. Latino power my arse!

Hector’s preliminary analysis of 90% plus Anglo boxes had the vote going 32% for Controller Annise Parker, 31% for Roy Morales, 22% for Peter Brown, and 12% for Gene Locke. His analysis of African American boxes had Locke getting 69%, 20% for Brown, and 9% for Parker.

UH’s Tatcho Mindiola’s quick read of hard core Latino boxes had Parker getting 23%, Brown 20%, Morales 19%, and Locke 15%.

Meanwhile, Commentary and MariGirl will be dropping by the Gene Locke Latino lunch today to snag a few free tacos.

The next few weeks should be interesting for ‘Stros fans as GM Wade figures out who will be on next year’s team. I’m thinking it will look a bit different. We will see.


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As far as I’m concerned, H-Town will be A-OK since we have two good Dems in the runoff for mayor. Of course, like all high profile runoff races, I fully expect to see negative ads and negative mail from both sides.

Yesterday’s post E-Day coverage was about who gets what vote in the runoff. The talking heads were saying that Controller Annise Parker would get the Anglo liberal vote and Gene Locke would get the African American vote. Where do GOPers go? Where do Latinos go?

We know that both Parker and Locke will have to make serious overtures to GOP voters. If this race ends up being close, and if one of the campaigns invests in a serious Latino voter outreach effort and the other doesn’t, well then that could end up being the difference.  So far neither seemed posed to go directly after the Latino vote – no se puede!  Stay tuned!

H-Town CM Toni Lawrence said yesterday that she won’t be running against Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole in the 2010 GOP Primary which means she will be spending a lot of time helping the GOP candidate for her city council seat – drats!

By the time we end up voting on December 12, filing for the primaries will already be underway – interesting.

Well the Yankees snagged their 27th World Serious title last night. So we’re done with MLB for now until Opening Day 2010 which happens to be five months from today (April 5) at The Yard against Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants.


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Unofficially, it looks like only 178,594 voters participated in our city elections or only 19.1%. That is not good.

I thought CM Peter Brown would make the runoff. What do I know?

I thought CM Pam Holm would make the runoff for City Controller. That means that Bethel Nathan fella won’t be cracking on CM Ron Green but don’t be surprised if M.J. Khan’s folks go after Green and his IRS issues.

I didn’t think Roy Morales would do that well. Heck, nobody thought he would do that well.

Of the Chron’s picks, the only ones they missed were Hermann Litt, HCC’s Olmos Guzman, and the HCC Spring Branch Annexation.

Speaking of, it looks Jerome got his pic in today’s Chron.

Until I get a precinct by precinct breakdown, there is really no use in trying to analyze the results.

I’m interested in seeing how Controller Annise Parker and Gene Locke get to the winner’s circle.

I didn’t get my arse handed to me yesterday – whew!

Maybe this evening I can settle back, relax, and watch Game 6 of the World Serious live from New Yankee Stadium.


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The good thing about what happens after 7 pm tonight is that the spinning stops. You win, lose or are in a runoff. It’s scoreboard time.

Commentary, Dante, J. Dominic, and Jake have all voted early.

Commentary did a USA Today and Fox 26 interview yesterday on my takes on the H-Town mayoral contest and HISD District 1 trustee candidate Anna Eastman.

I didn’t get any last minute Peter Brown mailers yesterday. I also don’t know if I’ll get my arse handed to me this evening.

If CM Sue Lovell is forced into a runoff, I wonder if she and Roy Malonson will mud wrestle all the way to the polls.

Well it looks like we will know who is in the mayoral runoff before we get a World Serious champ as the Phillies forced a Game Six that will be played Wednesday evening at New Yankee Stadium.


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I guess there is nothing else to day about tomorrow’s election that hasn’t already been said. The fact that there were a lot of undecided voters in the mayoral race so late in the campaign is probably an indication that a lot of folks just weren’t impressed with the candidates and their campaigns. Personally, I’m disappointed that the campaigns neglected directly engaging the Latino voter. Maybe in the expected runoff, that will change. The Kyle Johnston Early Vote Report says Latinos only make up 9% of the vote so far…tsk, tsk, tsk.

I wonder if I’ll get any last minute Peter Brown mailers today.  I wonder if I’ll get my arse handed to me tomorrow.

Best Halloween Costume of the Year goes to NBC News’ Lester Holt for his Susan Boyle gear – freaky.

Former ‘Stro Brad Lidge suffered another meltdown last night as the Yankees look to become World Serious champions this evening.


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