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Early voting in the run-off election begins today.   Will Latino voter turnout decrease?   How many non November 3 voters will show up – 1000, 5000, or plus 10,000.  If any new voters show up, from what ‘hoods?   I’m sure the Kyle Johnston Daily Early Vote Report will help answer some of these questions.  I wonder if some of the labor folks will ask other Dems to stay away from the KJDEVR.

We will be officially informed this week on the H-Town Mayor’s decision to run for Guv.  The Chron had a piece on the race this past weekend and a point was missed – sort of.   Check out the story.  In the piece, here is what a noted political scientist from SMU said:  “Nobody knows whether he (Bill White) has that next gear to generate excitement in a statewide race, whether he can go down into the Rio Grande Valley and pull people out, whether he can put enough money into it and raise enough money to wage a credible fistfight in the street.”  I’ve said it a kazillion times, it’s not going to happen unless we launch a major Latino voter engagement effort in Harris County.

Commentary got a permission slip to take a few hours off yesterday to take in the Texans game.  The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was A-OK but the Texans weren’t. 

I’m not going to say anything about Vince and his 99 yard drive with 2:37 minutes left and a 10 yard game winning TD pass as time ran out against the Cardinals.  I’m not going to say anything about his 387 yards passing and winning five in a row since he’s been named the starter.  I’m also not going to say anything about the Titans being 0-6 and now 5-6 just like the Texans.

I’m not going to say anything about Tiger either.  The way I figure he was probably tired of the fancy Thanksgiving Day grub and around 2:30 am he decided he wanted to make a McDonald’s run.  I don’t care how he banged up his lip or his ride.  I don’t care that we didn’t know about it for 13 hours.

Already it looks like a 15 minutes of fame deal for Rachel Uchitel who the tabloids are trying to link to Tiger.  She gets the thumbs down in my book for hiring the always annoying and camera hogging Gloria Allred.

Former ‘Stro Shane Reynolds is on the Hall of Fame ballot but he won’t get too many votes.  Today is Cyber Monday so I just might try everythingbaseball or MLB.com. 


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