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Commentary has called it right so far by saying Guv Dude is driving the agenda in the GOP gubernatorial primary.  He’s gotten Hutch to stay put.  Now they are launching Operation Intervention which is designed to get Dude backers to lean on Hutch backers to get her out of the race.  Talk about playing offense.  I t really wouldn’t surprise me if she just decided to surrender.  You know he is going to bang her around on letting the town of Sealy lose that huge Defense Department contract and a few thousand jobs.  The Defense Department contract issue is the lead story in today’s Chron.  Check it out. 

Here is the opening line of my pal Bill King’s latest take on the run-off election: “With Democrats breaking largely along racial lines and Latinos showing little interest in the current mayor’s race, white-suburban-Republican-leaning (WSRL) voters will likely to be the deciding factor in the runoff.”

Commentary capped off last night by checking out Sir Paul on ABC.  He’s not only for the ages, he’s for all ages.

My Best Friend celebrated a BB yesterday.  Happy Birthday yesterday Al Luna!

Pam-In-Charge who I sometimes refer to as My Brown Girl is celebrating one today.  Happy Birthday Pam Gardner!

Speaking of, just when I thought they were through handing out awards, I was wrong according to Tag: “ The streak-of-lightning speed of center fielder Michael Bourn, the slick fielding of second baseman Kaz Matsui and the spacious jersey of reliever Jeff Fulchino have the Astros trio in contention for two of MLB.com’s This Year in Baseball Awards. . Bourn, who won his first Rawlings Gold Glove earlier this month, and Matsui are two of 10 players up for Defensive Player of the Year, and Fulchino’s bizarre play that saw a batted ball get stuck in his jersey is a contender for the Oddity of the Year.”

Stay tuned!


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