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Now that the H-Town Mayor is fixing to get into the race for Guv, he’s got to take on the mother of all the Lone Star State’s public policy issues – funding for our public schools.  The Chron has a front page story on school funding today.  Check it out.  It is a big problem that needs addressing. 

There is also the issue of increasing the gas tax that some Dem and GOP legislators are calling for so we can use the funds to fix and repair highways and roads.  Guv Dude and Hutch will oppose for now.  I’m figuring the H-Town Mayor will try to sidestep the issue.

Well one of the questions was answered in today’s Chron regarding the fate of the H-Town Mayor’s Chief of Staff. Check it out.

Of course, Commentary’s not ready to lay some money on who will win.  Guv Dude first got elected to the Texas House in 1984 and he hasn’t lost yet.  Dems haven’t won a statewide race this century.  Before I head out to Vegas and place a bet, I’ll wait to see if Dems put together a serious Latino voter engagement effort.

Commentary’s favorite – Katie Couric – was one of the notables that attended last night’s state dinner.  She showed up with her new boyfriend who just happens to be fifteen years younger.  I don’t have a problem with that.  Go Coogs!

One place to avoid today is Spec’s in Midtown. It is cwazy out there the day before Thanksgiving Day.  I made my run last night.

Congrats go to Albert Pujols for winning the NL MVP.  We have to wait until Friday, July 9 before we get to see Albert and the Cards at The Yard.  I think that wraps up all the awards for this past season.

Commentary will take tomorrow off but will be back on Friday so have a nice Thanksgiving Day!


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