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It turns out that Schieffer fella is not that big of a dumbarse after all.  He got out of a race he never should have entered.  Well he still is a dumbarse of sorts for actually thinking a lot of Dems would embrace his candidacy for guv of the Lone Star State.  A lot of Dems across the state just weren’t into a forgiving mood for his years of playing grabarse with 43.  In his statement yesterday he said “we simply must get behind one candidate that can unite our party.”  Huh!  I didn’t know we Dems were disunited.

Meanwhile, H-Town’s Mayor who is probably the smartest person in the state is a listener after all.  For months, folks have been advising the Mayor to run for Guv.  The Mayor finally got it after Hutch decided to stay put for a while.

Local Harris County Dems are feeling pretty good because now they will have someone at the top of the ticket that will expend resources to get out the base and pull in independents.

We now probably know one of the answers to a question at City Hall.  What will Chief of Staff Michael Moore be doing after December 31?

Now that we have a strong candidate at the top of the ticket, expect to see other strong Dems run for some of the statewide down ballot positions.

Even though Farouk Shami and Hank Gilbert say they are still in it, they will eventually have to read and accept the handwriting on the wall and get out of the race.  Who care what The Kinkhole does.  His isn’t a campaign anyway, it’s a book tour.

Of course, unless Lone Star State Dems get serious about putting together a Latino voter engagement effort, yesterday’s hoopla could all be for naught.  The current Lone Star State Dem Party Chair doesn’t get it.  I’m betting the H-Town Mayor will.

This morning is reminiscent of all those times back in the Luv Ya Blue era when the Steelers, Bills, Chiefs and other AFC teams would put a hurt on our Oilers and we would have a loser’s hangover the next day – usually a Monday morning.   Vince and the Titans punked us last night on national TV and we’re feeling it this morning.

Things are quiet at The Yard these days on the free agent front.  No news to report.


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