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Maybe this will be the first year that The Roundtable does a two-fer on picking the run-off winners.  I think there are still nine races on the ballot.  A mayoral, controller, two district city council, three at-large council, and two HISD trustee contests are yet to be decided.  That would make for a good pot right before Christmas.  Plus UH’s Dr. Murray could throw in a question on voter turnout – better or worse than November 3.  I wonder what the record is for most races on the ballot in a run-off.  Speaking of, there has never been a run-off in a Houston City Council District I race if I don’t mind saying.

The best line of the weekend was U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) saying “I don’t want four Democratic Senators dictating to the other 56 of us and to the rest of the country – when the public option has this much support – that (a public option is) not going to be in it.” 

All of H-Town will come to a screeching halt at 7:30 this evening as the Texans play host to Vince and the Titans on MNF.

To folks that are already doing Christmas shopping try going to everythingbaseball.com.  They have the coolest baseball gear.

Alyson’s Footnotes has a nice piece on Roy O’s new Homeplate Fish and Steakhouse that opened this past weekend.  Check it out.  I wonder who will open for us on April 5 – Roy O or Wandy?


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