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Commentary doesn’t like to rely on profanity to get my point across so I really can’t express my true feelings about Dave Wilson and his evil ways.  I was watching him being interviewed on Channel 11 yesterday and he seemed to be relishing the attention and totally oblivious to the hate he’s spewing.  He kind of had this “Joker” like smile.

This isn’t the first time Wilson has injected his divisiveness into local politics. In 1997 he got enough signatures to force an election to do away with H-Town’s Affirmative Action Program because he didn’t want African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Women to get city contracts.  We beat him at the polls.  In 1996 he successfully led the effort against an HISD school bond campaign because he didn’t think our kids needed new or renovated schools.  Now he’s taken his act to another level.  I kind of wish we could extend 287(g) to morons like him.

The Dean has his one and only reception this evening at the Four Seasons.  This is kind of a mandatory event that Commentary will attend.

Tomorrow is first day that MLB teams can start signing free agents and we will find out soon who will be wearing the brick red on April 5 at The Yard against the Giants.


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