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Commentary watched The Rogue on Oprah yesterday.  I don’t agree with most of her positions but I do think she is great entertainment. 

Chief Bradford sent out an invitation to a fundraiser.  The fundraiser said there would be music and dancing.  I hope the folks that think dancing is sinful don’t weigh in on this.

The local labor guys are drawing a line in the sand when it comes to supporting their nemesis, HISD Trustee Larry Marshall.  I don’t have a problem with that.  A lot of folks are drawing lines in the sand this campaign season.  Of course, one of these days the line is going to turn into a canyon.  I prefer to let folks decide who they want to support and try not to hold grudges.

So far I haven’t seen any run-off mailers.  SHOW ME THE MAIL!

Anna Eastman’s former opponent endorsed her in the run-off for HISD District 1 Trustee.  Here’s what Linda Toyota had to say:  “It is important to have HISD Board members who are open minded and committed to continuing to move the District forward. Two-way communication with diverse constituents in the District, insuring accountabilities are in place and board governance through meaningful policies continues to be important to me. It is for these reasons I have decided to support Anna Eastman for our District I school board trustee.  Your vote for Anna Eastman will insure that our schools will continue to improve and teachers can be recognized for their accomplishments.”

Here is how Anna Eastman responded:  “Linda Toyota demonstrates a commitment to education and the children of Houston as evidenced by her campaign, community involvement and work history.  I am proud to have her confidence and endorsement as I enter into this stage of the campaign.”

Toyota received 14.4% of the vote on November 3.

Anna Eastman has also been endorsed by the Houston Business-Education Coalition, Houston Chronicle, and the Harris County Women’s Political Caucus.

If you want to see the Titans owner flip the bird to fans,  check it out.  Bud Adams has had way too much touching up.  It makes you appreciate my pal Drayton.


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