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Commentary was stuck without internet this weekend thanks to AT&T.   So I missed doing a take on the Hootsie hate campaign.  I guess if my last name was Hootsie, I’d want to spend my life hating folks.  I missed out on doing a take on the Gene Locke Latino Lunch having three times as more Latinos in attendance than the Annise Parker Latino Breakfast.  I missed out on doing a take on the Gene Locke poll that my friend Bill King sent out.  I missed out on telling folks again that Guv Dude is setting the agenda in his race against Hutch.  I missed out on asking folks what the H-Town Mayor and John Sharp are running for these days.   I missed out on telling folks that I didn’t know that Gene Locke served as Chair of the Sports Authority.

My Brown Eyed Girl called last night to let me know that my third best movie of all time was on TBS.  After seventy years, the horse of a different color is white, purple, red and yellow.

Commentary is thinking about dropping by Sheer Luck’s on West Gray Wednesday to go meet ‘Stros new skipper Millsy at Astroline.  Maybe he’ll let me know who he has in mind to bat in the two hole on Opening Day April 5 against the Giants.


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