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Commentary pretty much got a whole lot of folks hot under the collar over the past couple of days on my mayoral campaign takes. Somebody even thought I was the first to inject the croissant factor into the campaign – huh! Personally, I am a flour tortilla guy. Heck, some folks are now making lists to see who’s naughty and who’s nice – yikes! OMG! Nixon’s Enemies List returns! Let see now, it looks like I succeeded in getting the issue of setting up a croissant bakery at City Hall a hot topic. In our own little cyber world, the top issues in this mayoral race appear to be croissants, Enemies List, and City Hall insiders. I sure am glad that over 96% of the voters don’t listen to us. I think I’ll go dark on mayoral politics today, so folks can have a peaceful weekend. Besides, it is Friday the Thirteenth and I don’t want to jinx myself.

One of Commentary’s old buds got elected to an important position here locally last week and I didn’t even know about it until he dropped by and dropped the news on me. Congrats go to Bill Morris soon to be Cy-Fair ISD board trustee.

Tomorrow at The Yard the ‘Stros will host 20 needy families for a special Thanksgiving season meal – cool. According to Tag’s Lines, GM Wade has said that the team will reduce next year’s payroll. I hope that means that the price of a St. Arnold stays the same – whew!


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