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My old acquaintance Hector has suggested that Commentary’s working for the Gene Locke campaign. I guess Hector who by the way has never met a retainer he didn’t like doesn’t read Commentary. I’ll say it again. Commentary always discloses who his clients are if it is relevant to a take. I remember a few weeks ago folks from the Gene Locke campaign complaining about something I said about their operation. Gene himself complained to a friend and I don’t think they thought I was being paid to crack on them. I’ve pretty much have gotten under everyone’s collar this campaign season.

One of my pet peeves is the attacks on “city hall lobbyists.” I’m reminded of stories like the Latino fella who was a subcontractor to a prime. The Latino was the owner of a small trucking company that hauled processed poop pellets from the city’s wastewater plant. The prime started to short change him. When he complained to the city, the bureaucrats turned a deaf ear. He had to go hire a “city hall lobbyist” so he could get paid. Or how about the Latino fella that owns a towing company that wants to participate in the Safe Clear Program – who by the way does not have a Latino prime contractor participating – but can’t break through the good old boy/girl system so he has to hire a “city hall lobbyist.”

One of the best “city hall lobbyists” was my old pal Ross Allyn. I mention Ross because yesterday I came across an invitation where Ross was hosting a fundraiser in 2003 – a few months before he was taken from us – for Annise’s City Controller campaign.

I got an email last night that said the rumor out there was that I was going to work for that Hotze fella. Folks need to step away from their laptops, take a few deep breaths, and take a walk around the block. Afterwards, close your eyes and click your heels, and repeat after me – “not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyberspace is true.”

You know, I thought folks knew me better than that. There is nothing about me and my work that even in a kazillion years hints of this. Commentary got lucky this campaign season and met up with the most impressive candidate in a competitive race in H-Town. Her name is Anna Eastman. If you haven’t met and talked to Anna, please do. You will come away very impressed. That’s the company I keep.

The ‘Stros Michael Bourn won his first Gold Glove of his career yesterday. There are many more to come.


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