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The Gene Locke Campaign reads Commentary. They invaded the Controller Annise Parker – CM Peter Brown press conference yesterday and handed out flaky croissants. In today’s Chron, Annise says “Which candidate will say no to insiders and lobbyists running City Hall. There may be two candidates, but there’s only one choice.” Huh! Annise has had a parking space at the City Hall garage for the past twelve years. In my book that qualifies her as a City Hall insider for sure. Plus she has a couple of City Hall lobbyists/insiders on her campaign payroll – ditto huh! She also cracked on Locke’s ties to the Sports Authority but last week announced that she added a fella to her campaign team that was a Sports Authority board member – triple ditto huh! I think she has ODed on croissants.

CEWDEM issued a Happy Birthday to former local Dem Chair Sue Schechter today who will soon be running for County Clerk. Sue is now 57 – yikes – but still don’t need touching up! Happy Birthday Sue!

Meanwhile, GM Wade is still meeting with his colleagues up in Chicago to see if he can make some moves for the ‘Stros.


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