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It looks like one of the run-off questions will be answered today if CM Peter Brown does endorse Controller Annise Parker. I wonder if the Parker campaign will serve croissants to the media folks that show up. I wonder if Peter will insist on a villa style backdrop. I wonder if Peter will take credit for helping Annise make the runoff.

The stadium issue is getting some run in Chron.com. The Gene Locke folks were handing out flyers at the Dynamo game this past weekend saying Annise was against the new Dynamo stadium. Hey, that’s what happens when your TV ads cracks on stadiums. Annise probably scored some points with her anti stadium ad rhetoric. So it is fair for the Locke folks to try to win over soccer stadium diehards. Of course, I’m betting that the Annise folks will head down to The Yard today and slap some masking tape over her name on the plaque that was unveiled when they opened The Yard that was built with some tax dollars that voters approved in 1996.

Meanwhile, GM Wade is meeting with his colleagues up in Chicago to see if he can make some moves for the ‘Stros.


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