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The way I see it, we have around 33 days of hearing everybody’s opinion on what may happen in the H-Town Mayoral Run-off. Heck, we’re already hearing them. I don’t have a problem with that but would folks please disclose who they are supporting or endorsing or helping before they hand out a take.

Who’s going to vote in the run-off? What are the GOPers going to do and will they even show up? Who is going to raise the most money? How much of a difference will money advantages make? What is the Chron E-Board going to do? Does CM James Rodriguez weigh in? Will African American voter turnout increase? Will someone tell Latino voters that there is an election and will they show up? Where do CM Peter Brown’s voters go to? Where do Roy Morales’ voters go to? Who votes early? Who votes on E-day? Who does Peter endorse? Who does Roy endorse? Will GOP heavyweights take sides? Will more voters show up in Round 2? Who cares?

I will say this. There are only a little over 8,000 votes and 4.6 percentage points between the two run-off contenders. Commentary continues to stay on the sidelines.

Speaking of multiple analyses, UH’s Tatcho has revised his Latino turnout results: Parker 28%, Brown 25%, Morales 24%, Locke 19%, other 5%. Hector has Latino turnout at: Brown 29%, Morales 27%, Parker 25%, Locke 14%, other 5%. Greg has Latino turnout going by neighborhoods: Brown 26 – 27%, Locke 15 – 28%, Morales 19 – 24%, Parker 21 – 31%. The Chron has Latino turnout going: Brown 31%, Parker 27%, Morales 26%, Locke 13%.

Commentary has to disagree with all of them. That wasn’t a Latino turnout. That was a Latino focus group that showed up on Election Day.

Meanwhile, Commentary and MariGirl went to the Gene Locke Latino Lunch this past Friday and came away very impressed. It was a standing room only crowd at a packed East End restaurant – probably close to 200 Latino folks showed up including electeds, former electeds, precinct judges, business owners, professionals, civic leaders, and activists. There was a lot of excitement and energy in the room. If the Gene Locke campaign can build on what was in that room, they could rack up some margins in December. Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros website is getting ready for next season by letting us know that we will be celebrating 45 years of being called the ‘Stros. That’s 45 years of ‘Stros after being first named the Colt 45s – cool.


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