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The buzz among some Latino political leaders was the pitiful Latino voter turnout this past Tuesday in the H-Town elections….tsk, tsk, tsk. Heck, this is probably the only prediction I got right. I was checking out the unofficial precinct returns and in some of the more traditional and older Latino neighborhoods, we voted in the 9% to 11% range. In the Heights, a lot of those precincts voted at around 30%. In Shepherd Park Plaza (Durham Elementary just north of Garden Oaks) they voted at 35%.  Pleasantville voted at 30%. I don’t want to hear any excuses like Latinos didn’t want to go to the polls because they thought they might get a 287(g) put on them. I’m going to recommend that the next Houston Area Latino Summit focus on Latino voter participation. For now, our “Si Se Puede” slogan has been temporarily revoked. We can’t Si Se Puede if we keep doing No Se Puede! All of us Latinos that are involved in H-Town politics ought be hanging our heads in shame right now. Latino power my arse!

Hector’s preliminary analysis of 90% plus Anglo boxes had the vote going 32% for Controller Annise Parker, 31% for Roy Morales, 22% for Peter Brown, and 12% for Gene Locke. His analysis of African American boxes had Locke getting 69%, 20% for Brown, and 9% for Parker.

UH’s Tatcho Mindiola’s quick read of hard core Latino boxes had Parker getting 23%, Brown 20%, Morales 19%, and Locke 15%.

Meanwhile, Commentary and MariGirl will be dropping by the Gene Locke Latino lunch today to snag a few free tacos.

The next few weeks should be interesting for ‘Stros fans as GM Wade figures out who will be on next year’s team. I’m thinking it will look a bit different. We will see.


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