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Unofficially, it looks like only 178,594 voters participated in our city elections or only 19.1%. That is not good.

I thought CM Peter Brown would make the runoff. What do I know?

I thought CM Pam Holm would make the runoff for City Controller. That means that Bethel Nathan fella won’t be cracking on CM Ron Green but don’t be surprised if M.J. Khan’s folks go after Green and his IRS issues.

I didn’t think Roy Morales would do that well. Heck, nobody thought he would do that well.

Of the Chron’s picks, the only ones they missed were Hermann Litt, HCC’s Olmos Guzman, and the HCC Spring Branch Annexation.

Speaking of, it looks Jerome got his pic in today’s Chron.

Until I get a precinct by precinct breakdown, there is really no use in trying to analyze the results.

I’m interested in seeing how Controller Annise Parker and Gene Locke get to the winner’s circle.

I didn’t get my arse handed to me yesterday – whew!

Maybe this evening I can settle back, relax, and watch Game 6 of the World Serious live from New Yankee Stadium.


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