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The good thing about what happens after 7 pm tonight is that the spinning stops. You win, lose or are in a runoff. It’s scoreboard time.

Commentary, Dante, J. Dominic, and Jake have all voted early.

Commentary did a USA Today and Fox 26 interview yesterday on my takes on the H-Town mayoral contest and HISD District 1 trustee candidate Anna Eastman.

I didn’t get any last minute Peter Brown mailers yesterday. I also don’t know if I’ll get my arse handed to me this evening.

If CM Sue Lovell is forced into a runoff, I wonder if she and Roy Malonson will mud wrestle all the way to the polls.

Well it looks like we will know who is in the mayoral runoff before we get a World Serious champ as the Phillies forced a Game Six that will be played Wednesday evening at New Yankee Stadium.


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