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The Chron SHOWED ME THE POLL yesterday and it had CM Peter Brown with 24%, Controller Annise Parker with 19%, Gene Locke with 13%, Roy Morales with 7%, and Commentary’s current candidate Not Sure with 36%. Peter Brown got what he wanted with all that money he’s spent by being labeled the “frontrunner.” With Early Voting in Person beginning tomorrow and a bunch of older voters already have mail ballots, Peter Brown is looking pretty good.

The Locke and Parker campaigns put out statements yesterday lamely trying to spin the results in their favor. Annise Parker’s campaign was the first to spin and said they were headed to a run-off and poised to win. Of course, this is like her 8th time on a city wide ballot and she’s getting only 19%. Plus, in her own poll that she told us about back in February, she said she was starting out the race at 29% and was going to build on this. I don’t know if going backwards is building. The Parker spokesperson then took an unnecessary cheap shot at Peter for hanging out at his French villa.

The fella who has raised the most money, Gene Locke, is probably not too happy right now, especially when the pollster said about Gene that “he’s got to rediscover his inner African-American-ness”, whatever that means. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s got to go get him some street cred. I’m sure Mayor Bob and all the other “establishment” fellas that are supporting Locke have a queasy feeling in their guts this morning. The Locke campaign tried to spin that 13% is where they want to be 16 days before the final results come in – huh! You gottta be kidding! The Locke spokesperson said yesterday that 40% were for “Not Sure.”  she can’t read or add as 40% ain’t 36%. I guess if they end up coming in 3rd on election night, she’ll say that they came in 2nd – oh brother!

Meanwhile, the Chron co-endorsed Parker and Locke. I guess they figure Peter is in a run-off and they want to hedge their bets. If you take out the Not Sure 36%, it would be Brown 38%, Parker 30%, and Locke 20%. It wasn’t too long ago that the experts were dismissing Peter’s chances. Not anymore as nervousness builds in the Parker and Locke campaigns. I’m glad I’m on the sidelines in this race.


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Sunday’s Chron has a poll that shows CM Peter Brown with 23%, Controller Annise Parker with 19%, and Gene Locke with 13%.

Commentary got it half right. The Chron co-endorsed Parker and Locke.


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Like millions of other Americans yesterday, Commentary got glued to the TV set to watch the runaway balloon that was supposed to have a kid as the sole passenger. It was definitely a first and it broke your heart thinking that a scared little six year old was up there as we watched helplessly because nobody could do a darn thing to help. The balloon eventually came down and we saw the rescuers approach and then stand around looking bewildered when no kid was found. It turns out the kid was never in the balloon. Now some folks are saying that it may have been a hoax. Hey, if it was, it worked and who cares? At least it had a good ending.

The H-Town City Council unanimously decided to create a committee to look at doing something about term limits. Of course, the H-Town Mayor, Controller, and every member of city council are in office because of term limits. That doesn’t make sense to me if you ask me. Of course, nobody asked me.

Commentary predicts that the Chron will endorse Controller Annise Parker for H-Mayor this Sunday. Any bets?

I was asked who I support for ‘Stros skipper. I don’t have a pick. I’ll leave that up to Drayton, Pam-In-Charge, GM Wade, and Tal. I was also asked if I was upset that Jose “Cheo” Cruz was reassigned. Nope! He was just a first base coach with a stopwatch. Sorry, folks don’t go to The Yard to see the first base coach as skipper interviews continue.


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Commentary has to hand it to the Controller Annise Parker campaign for being the most aggressive. It seems like her folks regularly put out email missiles that crack on CM Peter Brown and Gene Locke on stuff like stadiums, taking false credit, not knowing the budget process, and being an insider. Her opponents don’t appear to be striking back – interesting. Of course, Annise Parker has been a city hall fixture for close to twelve years now so that hardly makes her an outsider – heck, she’s an insider in my book.

The Chron wrapped up its mayoral profiles today. Now let’s see who they endorse this Sunday. Any bets? Early voting in person starts this Monday so now I got to figure out who gets my vote in the mayoral contest. Meanwhile, Commentary keeps hearing players nervously predicting that all of Peter Brown’s TV, radio, and mail are going to land him a spot in the run-off.

Guv Dude once again has demonstrated that he’s a national embarrassment. First he talks about seceding and now it’s the arson switcheroo probe. Too bad Lone Star State Dems can’t figure out how to capitalize on his mess.

Finally the MLB playoffs get going again. It’ll be five straight evenings of baseball for sure as the ‘Stros continue to interview skipper candidates.


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Commentary said a while back that Guv Dude was driving the agenda in the Lone Star State’s GOP Primary. I was right. After getting bumped around by Dude’s handlers over her resignation, now Hutch is saying she doesn’t know when she will quit. She was supposed to quit this past summer, then in October, then in November….she is kind of looking silly. You have to hand it to Dude and his folks. They sure know how to jerk her chain. Heck, if Dude beats her next March, she may just stay in the U.S. Senate.

One of the truly good guys is no longer with us. Federal Judge William Wayne Justice did more to move the Lone Star State forward than anybody else over the past 100 years.

Controller Annise Parker sent out an email to complain about CM Peter Brown’s TV ads. She says that Brown is taking credit for stuff he didn’t do. Meanwhile, The Nefster told me that he hears Brown’s ads are making a dent among certain voters of the conservative persuasion. I don’t think Annise’s emails will trump Peter’s TV ads – sorry.

Speaking of, aside from mail from HISD Trustee candidate Anna Eastman (Commentary’s client), I haven’t received political mail this election season – nada, zilch. Down the street, at a non-Latino household, they have received a bunch of Peter Brown mail – interesting mail strategy.

If you are old school like Commentary and you picked up your Chron this morning, page A5 wasn’t so bad if you ask me.

It looks like the ‘Stros will have a new first base coach next season. Jose “Cheo” Cruz was asked to turn in his stopwatch yesterday. Maybe Milo had a hand in this. Over the past couple of seasons, Milo has called out Cheo for not arguing a few close calls at first. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Cheo show any emotion on close calls. Stay tuned as skipper interviews begin today.


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Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman announced this past Friday that she won’t be seeking reelection in 2010 and she didn’t make her announcement via robocall. Commentary would like to see Hector De Leon become the next County Clerk but that is not going to happen – drats. Former local Dem Chair and State Rep Sue Schechter is thinking about running. I could support Sue. Of course, I don’t know about our chances locally in 2010 since The President won’t be on the ballot.

I checked out last night’s mayoral debate on Fox 26. I think Controller Annise Parker did the best job. Of course, I still haven’t decided who gets my vote. Here’s from Chron.com: “City Controller Annise Parker said she believes the Metropolitan Transit Authority is ‘cannibalizing’ its public bus system for light rail.” My pal Bill King has been saying this for a while.

Parker and CM Peter Brown have been fierce critics of METRO during this campaign. H-Town’s Mayor appointed the majority of the METRO board so he in fact “owns” METRO. So I guess Parker and Brown are critics of how the Mayor has handled METRO – I guess.

That whiny Sports 610 afternoon talk show fella subbed for Jim Rome yesterday and he sounded whiny on a national level. The fella sounded bush league yesterday. If Rome ever brings him back I’m going to think that Romie isn’t paying attention.

The ‘Stros will begin to interview skipper candidates. They are “Stros interim skipper Dave Clark and ‘Stros coach Al Pedrique, former Brewers manager Ned Yost, Padres hitting coach Randy Ready, former Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin, former Nationals manager Manny Acta, former ‘Stros manager Phil Garner and current Red Sox coaches Brad Mills and Tim Bogar. The ‘Stros have also been granted permission to interview Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin.

FYI: In 1983, Mills became Nolan Ryan’s 3,509th strikeout victim to break Walter Johnson’s record on April 27, 1983 as the ‘Stros beat the Expos 4-2 and Garner contributed to the victory with a dinger – small world. Stay tuned!


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The Chron endorsed CM Ron Green yesterday in the race for City Controller. Expect a Chron endorsement in the mayoral race this Sunday. It will be a key endorsement right before Early Voting begins.

The H-Town City Council takes up the idea of revising term limits this week. Council will decide on creating a term limit special committee. Each member of council gets to appoint a member. The City Controller gets an appointment. The Mayor gets to appoint 6 – huh! I don’t think it is a good idea to bring it up right now. You could have 11 or 12 committee members appointed by current office holders that may not be around next January. Plus, what is off the table is eliminating term limits all together. Now that is BS if you ask me. We got better things to do. If folks want to change term limits, get on out there and start collecting signatures on a petition.

ManRoid listens to Jim Rome. After his Dodgers swept the Cards, ManRoid was asked about practice as they prepare for the NLCS. ManRoid’s response – “practice, practice, practice.”

The Red Sox, Cards, and Twins are done. I don’t think MLB really wants to see an LAD versus LAA World Serious as the ‘Stros get ready to start interviewing skipper candidates this week.



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“All of them (mayoral candidates) have changed their positions as time passes. Like with any other political campaign, people are going to promise a lot, and then in the end they are going to do what they feel is correct. So, we’re obviously keeping a watchful eye,” said Houston immigration advocate, Cesar Espinosa in today’s Chron about 287(g).  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  Commentary is clearly disappointed in the three Dem candidates for game playing and baiting on this issue. Heck, this is one race where I could easily punch none of the above. They are all being woosies on this issue. They know better and are dissing us (Latinos) to get GOP votes. The Latinos that have endorsed any of the three ought to be calling out their candidate on this issue.

Give it to HBAD for being a badarse! HBAD handed H-Town’s Mayor a rebuke last night by endorsing John Sharp for U.S. Senator – ouch! I don’t know about that. Maybe they are not happy that they don’t have a Discovery Green in the ‘hood. Commentary heard that in order to vote at last night’s meeting, you had to show a photo ID – huh! I thought Dems were against voter ID!

Commentary has to hand it to Guv Dude for playing his Latino politics. He put a local wise Latina on the Texas Supreme Court yesterday. I guess he figures after he puts Hutch away he can get Latino votes in the 2010 general election by saying he was the first Guv to put a Latina on the Texas Supreme Court. After all, Lone Star State Dems aren’t doing a darn thing to engage the Latino vote.

Congrats go to The President for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He won it for potentiality.

Andy Pettitte, Bobby Abreu, and Billy Wagner are former ‘Stros in the AL Playoffs. Speaking of, former ‘Stro Mark Loretta had a walk off single to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead over the Cards as the ‘Stros will begin to interview skipper candidates next week.


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The Houston Firefighters and Police Unions endorsed Gene Locke in the H-Town mayoral race. Controller Annise Parker told the union honchos that she is going to remember what they did if she gets elected. The union honchos are now crying foul and feel threatened – huh! Check out the story in today’s Chron.  I don’t know about you, but I kind of think it is human political nature to not be happy with the folks that didn’t endorse you. If Commentary endorses a candidate in a race, I don’t expect the other fella to do me any favors if he/she wins. Commentary doesn’t think Annise was out of line if she did say those words to the police and firefighter union honchos – that’s Politics 101 in my book. We’re often told that elections have consequences. Hey, endorsements have consequences.

Chron.com also has a piece on Gene Locke’s various positions on 287(g).  Check it out.   Locke explained one version of his 287(g) position to Paul Bettencourt on Dan Patrick’s radio show. This past summer at the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate, he provided us with a different version. Summit participants will be sent a copy of the Chron piece. I wonder if Gene Locke saw yesterday’s Chron piece about the H-Town Mayor starting to walk away from 287(g). You know, Gene is a good guy, but he doesn’t need to be pandering to the right wingers like that.

SHOW ME THE POLLS! Commentary is wondering when someone will leak current polling in the mayoral race. I figure the race is still a toss-up because nobody is SHOWING ME THE POLLS. If someone was polling they would sure be leaking it to us if the results were favorable.

My Best Friend told me last night that he would like to see the Yankees in the World Serious. Trever Miller, Julio Lugo, Brad Lidge, Paul Bako, Randy Wolf, Brad Ausmus, and Mark Loretta are former ‘Stros that are still playing in the NL Playoffs.


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Commentary participated in Cin’s annual “Pre-Election Analysis Luncheon” yesterday where 120 or so “H-Town players” listened to what Sonny Messiah Jiles, Bob Stein, Jessica Colon, and Commentary had to say about the upcoming election. About the only no-show yesterday was Pam-In-Charge who was a little under the weather. Margaret Menger did a great job of moving the discussion along. This is the first time I really interacted with GOP’s Jessica. She is pretty good and very nice but she would probably snatch my political lunch away from me if I wasn’t looking.

During the pre luncheon chit chat, I came away with the impression that a lot of folks there still aren’t ready to predict who will be H-Town’s next mayor. I think I said that yesterday. Rice’s Stein said that voter turnout would be in the 25% to 30% range. Commentary said that it would not be a surprise if so called third party expenditures were made in the next week or so to help “define” CM Peter Brown, Controller Annise Parker, and Gene Locke particularly among Westside voters. GOP’s Jessica said yesterday that Hutch’s chances looked good against Guv Dude.

Speaking of, he’s not having a good week. He lost the Farm Bureau endorsement to Hutch and he’s not going to get to build a Katy Freeway down the middle of the Lone Star State.

Hats off to H-Town’s Mayor for stepping away from letting the city get into the ICE business.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  Way to go Mayor!

Commentary only got to sneak a peak at yesterday’s epic win for the Twins as the ‘Stros made their first off season move by letting Brian Moehler know that he’s welcome to come back in 2010. TBS will push CNN aside as the MLB Playoffs take center stage today.


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