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I’ll be voting early today with Bethany and I still don’t know who gets my vote for H-Town mayor. Jose and Jerome came by a couple of days ago with a Gene Locke autographed door hanger and mailer. Last night when I was putting out the trash, I saw a pickup truck pull up in front of my place and I thought my Anna Eastman sign was fixing to get snatched away. Instead it was Eric Zuniga and a buddy making a late night delivery of the Peter Brown booklet. Of course, I couldn’t recognize Eric because sometimes I don’t see too well at night.

I asked CM James Rodriguez who he and Wendy would be voting for and he said they’ll be making a game day decision.

Speaking of yard signs, some arsehole sprayed painted a swastika on an Anna Eastman sign in front of his home. Apparently a volunteer put it in the wrong yard and instead of the home owner just removing the sign he thought it would look better with a swastika on it. Commentary went over there and the fella proudly admitted his artwork and as far as he was concerned it could stay there until E-Day. I said no thanks and took the sign.

I got a mailer yesterday from the Peter Brown campaign and he hit Annise Parker and Gene pretty good. It also contained an unflattering pic of Annise. That’s politics.

Commentary will be going to the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new St. Arnold Brewery this evening – Amber Heaven – cool.

I’m OK with Brad Mills as our new skipper. At the beginning of the interview process, I told Pam-In-Charge that he would be my pick because of his resume and his coming from a championship culture. I’m glad they listened to me as the World Serious begins this evening and we might know who’s in the runoff before we have a World Serious Champion.


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