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It’s 24% for CM Peter Brown, 16% for Controller Annise Parker, 14% for Gene Locke, 5% for Roy Morales, 41% for Undecided according to the Channel 11 poll that was released last night. Peter has to be feeling good this morning and Annise and Gene have to be feeling quite nervous.

In last night’s report, here’s what the pollster, Rice’s Bob Stein, had to say: “It seems very likely that if this trend holds up, that Peter Brown will be in the runoff. The most likely opponent will be Annise Parker, but that is still very much up in the air.”

Here’s what political consultant Mustafah Tameez said in today’s Chron: “I don’t think there is or ever has been a true frontrunner in this race.”

Here’s what political consultant Keir Murray said in today’s Chron: “It’s clear that Brown has moved up, but I don’t think there’s any question that his support is soft. These candidates have really got to bust their butts … to make the finals. It’s anybody’s game.”

Here’s what Commentary said in today’s Chron: “They can’t challenge what he’s (Brown) spending on TV or mail and won’t be able to use any of their resources to attack him. They need to spend all their money trying to get their vote out … I just don’t see how he’s denied.”

In my book, Peter Brown is looking pretty good this morning. Right now it is hard for me to picture a Parker-Locke runoff.

Mark McGwire is getting back into baseball as the new Hitting Coach for the Cards. I’m OK with that as the ‘Stros may announce the skipper pick today and we have to wait until next July 9 to see the Cards at The Yard.


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