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HISD Trustee candidate Anna Eastman (Commentary’s client) won the endorsement of the Harris County Women’s Political Caucus this past Friday. Congrats go to Anna Eastman!

I’ve decided that I’m not going to pick a mayoral candidate in this first round. Two people that I highly respect say they would be A-OK if any of the three leading contenders – CM Peter Brown, Gene Locke, and Controller Annise Parker – were our next mayor. I have to agree. The fact is, I like all three and consider them all buddies. I don’t agree with everything they have been saying during this campaign, but that’s the nature of campaigns. Of course, I’ll have to vote for one of them when I go vote early later on this week with Bethany. Maybe I’ll vote for the first one that finally gets around to sending me a mail piece.

Meanwhile, the Gene Locke and Peter Brown campaigns held dueling press conferences yesterday on who has more African American support. It obviously says something about Brown’s support among African American voters if the Locke campaign has to resort to accusing Brown of buying up African American votes. Let’s see if Gene has any luck taking away Peter’s street cred. You have to wonder how this feud is playing out among non African American voters.

One Of My Best Friends is celebrating a BD today. Happy Birthday to Carol Alvarado who still doesn’t need touching up. Carol shares a BD with her good friend Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Yankees will make their 40th World Serious appearance this Wednesday. That’s 39 more than the ‘Stros who will pick a skipper in the next day or so.


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