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The Gene Locke for Mayor Campaign had no choice but to go negative against CM Peter Brown in order to shore up their support among African American voters.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  The negative ad is an acknowledgement that they are running third and they need to do better in the African American community if they want to make the runoff. We will see if it works – stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Controller Annise Parker and Locke campaigns are hosting events in H-Town’s Northside this weekend in hopes of getting Latino voters to the Moody Park Early Voting place. I hope they have success as the latest Kyle Johnston Campaigns report has the Latino portion of the overall H-Town vote at a steady and “anemic” 8%.

The CM Ron Green for City Controller Campaign took a direct hit yesterday over IRS issues – ouch!  Check it out in today’s Chron.  Commentary ran into some Dem leaders last night and they weren’t too happy with Green about this. They think that this sinks Green’s chances. It is going to be very difficult to get elected to be the city’s fiscal watchdog while having IRS issues hanging over you.

Commentary got a bunch of BD notes yesterday after CEWDEM put it out in cyberville and he also released other key info that needed to be out there – stay tuned!

Congrats go to Pam-In-Charge for being Mujer Numero Uno again in the MLB if you know what I mean!

“Astroboy” the movie opens today as the ‘Stros the team gets closer to naming a skipper.


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