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At yesterday’s TV taping at KTRK-TV (Channel 13), Dr. Tatcho Mindiola described the H-Town Latino vote in municipal elections as “anemic.” According to the numbers put out last night by Kyle Johnston Campaigns, only 8% of the total H-Town early vote after three days is Latino – pitiful. Is this the result of a lack of Latino voter outreach by the mayoral campaigns? Is this the result of a lack of a field program by the mayoral campaigns in the Latino community? Is the Latino voter just not connecting with the mayoral candidates or vice versa? Or is it all of the above. What’s the point of all those Latino leader and organizational endorsements if the Latino turnout is actually decreasing? Maybe the Latino voter turnout will kick start at Controller Annise Parker’s Huevos Rancheros Early Vote Rally down the street from Commentary’s ‘hood this Sunday which I’ll be at because I like huevos rancheros. Maybe it’ll kick start if CMs James Rodriguez and Ed Gonzalez weigh in. By the way, you can check out Commentary, Tatcho, State Rep Jessica Farrar, and Michael Trevino talk about the elections this Sunday at 11:30 am on Channel 13.

Commentary and Hall of Famer and Yankee pitching great Whitey Ford celebrated BDs yesterday. I got candy, a cool baseball book, The Beatles remastered sampler, a pecan pie that is about halfway scarfed down, the Pass the Popcorn game, a gift certificate, and a cool MLB pullover windbreaker that I’m wearing today.

The ‘Stros are having a Halloween night sleepover at The Yard. Instead of showing scary movies on the Jumbotron, they are going to show this past season highlights – yikes! It looks like we might get us a skipper before the World Serious starts – stay tuned!


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