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Commentary’s pal Kyle Johnston sent out last night a two day analysis of early voting and what jumped out at me was that of the total number of H-Town voters that had voted early, only 9% were Latino. It really doesn’t surprise me. To my knowledge, none of the mayoral candidates are doing any serious Latino voter outreach like direct mail or Spanish language TV or radio. Plus, the two Latino district council members and the At-Large council member with a Spanish language surname didn’t draw opponents so that has to be factored in as a contributor to low Latino voter participation. Let’s see if there is any shift over the next few days.

The Chron’s Brad Olsen has a piece today on mayoral hopefuls chasing the GOP vote.   Check it out.  Here’s what Olsen said about Gene Locke: “Meanwhile, Locke’s strategy to build a winning coalition that includes many conservative voters appears to be foundering.” Ouch! In the piece, here’s what a GOP leader said about CM Peter Brown scoring points among GOP voters: “I don’t understand what the draw is, quite frankly.” It is called SHOW ME THE TV!

Someone close to Commentary voted yesterday for Annise Parker. Someone else that I know also voted early for Annise.

Commentary got a call a couple of days ago from a volunteer for the campaign of HISD Trustee candidate Alma Lara. (Commentary’s client is Anna Eastman.) The call was left on voice mail and not the robo kind. Reading from a campaign script, the volunteer informed me that Ms. Lara was Hispanic, a former teacher, and former principal – interesting.

Commentary will do a TV taping this afternoon for KTRK-TV (Channel 13) for their Sunday morning program. I’ll be joined by UH’s Dr. Tatcho Mindiola, my State Rep. Jessica Farrar, and Michael Trevino. I’m sure we will be asked about the upcoming election, who we think will win the World Serious, and what kind of candy we give out on Halloween.

Some retail chains were selling paperless folk Halloween costumes. The gear consisted of one of those Area 51 fella masks, an orange jumpsuit that said paperless folk, and a green card that you can clip on. The retail chains pulled the merchandise off of their shelves after they heard that they might get a negative mention on tonight’s CNN “Latinos in America” show that Commentary will have to DVR.

The World Serious will start in a few days and I wonder if the ‘Stros will have a skipper by then?


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