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If frontrunner CM Peter Brown continues at his current spending pace on TV, radio, and mail, he’s in the run-off for sure as neither Controller Annise Parker nor Gene Locke can afford to divert funds and crack on Peter. So it looks like a race for second place. Doesn’t conventional wisdom s__k? I haven’t seen Peter since the poll was published but I’ve been told he has an extra bounce in his step.

The Chron’s poll came in as a cold shower to the Parker and Locke folks. All of the endorsements went to Parker and Locke, so it looks like some folks are going to have to make a second choice after November 3. Here’s some free advice to the Parker and Locke supporters. Don’t let it get too personal. You may have to be on the same side on November 4.

Folks like the Harris County AFL-CIO, CM James Rodriguez, and Commentary – who haven’t picked a side, made a wise decision after all.

The Chron also has a story today on their poll in the City Controller’s race.  Check it out.  My pal CM Ron Green who isn’t on TV has a slight lead. I guess it helps if folks think he’s related to two local members of Congress.

It doesn’t look like there will be an LA vs LA World Serious as the ‘Stros will now narrow their list of potential skippers.


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