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The Chron SHOWED ME THE POLL yesterday and it had CM Peter Brown with 24%, Controller Annise Parker with 19%, Gene Locke with 13%, Roy Morales with 7%, and Commentary’s current candidate Not Sure with 36%. Peter Brown got what he wanted with all that money he’s spent by being labeled the “frontrunner.” With Early Voting in Person beginning tomorrow and a bunch of older voters already have mail ballots, Peter Brown is looking pretty good.

The Locke and Parker campaigns put out statements yesterday lamely trying to spin the results in their favor. Annise Parker’s campaign was the first to spin and said they were headed to a run-off and poised to win. Of course, this is like her 8th time on a city wide ballot and she’s getting only 19%. Plus, in her own poll that she told us about back in February, she said she was starting out the race at 29% and was going to build on this. I don’t know if going backwards is building. The Parker spokesperson then took an unnecessary cheap shot at Peter for hanging out at his French villa.

The fella who has raised the most money, Gene Locke, is probably not too happy right now, especially when the pollster said about Gene that “he’s got to rediscover his inner African-American-ness”, whatever that means. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s got to go get him some street cred. I’m sure Mayor Bob and all the other “establishment” fellas that are supporting Locke have a queasy feeling in their guts this morning. The Locke campaign tried to spin that 13% is where they want to be 16 days before the final results come in – huh! You gottta be kidding! The Locke spokesperson said yesterday that 40% were for “Not Sure.”  she can’t read or add as 40% ain’t 36%. I guess if they end up coming in 3rd on election night, she’ll say that they came in 2nd – oh brother!

Meanwhile, the Chron co-endorsed Parker and Locke. I guess they figure Peter is in a run-off and they want to hedge their bets. If you take out the Not Sure 36%, it would be Brown 38%, Parker 30%, and Locke 20%. It wasn’t too long ago that the experts were dismissing Peter’s chances. Not anymore as nervousness builds in the Parker and Locke campaigns. I’m glad I’m on the sidelines in this race.


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