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Like millions of other Americans yesterday, Commentary got glued to the TV set to watch the runaway balloon that was supposed to have a kid as the sole passenger. It was definitely a first and it broke your heart thinking that a scared little six year old was up there as we watched helplessly because nobody could do a darn thing to help. The balloon eventually came down and we saw the rescuers approach and then stand around looking bewildered when no kid was found. It turns out the kid was never in the balloon. Now some folks are saying that it may have been a hoax. Hey, if it was, it worked and who cares? At least it had a good ending.

The H-Town City Council unanimously decided to create a committee to look at doing something about term limits. Of course, the H-Town Mayor, Controller, and every member of city council are in office because of term limits. That doesn’t make sense to me if you ask me. Of course, nobody asked me.

Commentary predicts that the Chron will endorse Controller Annise Parker for H-Mayor this Sunday. Any bets?

I was asked who I support for ‘Stros skipper. I don’t have a pick. I’ll leave that up to Drayton, Pam-In-Charge, GM Wade, and Tal. I was also asked if I was upset that Jose “Cheo” Cruz was reassigned. Nope! He was just a first base coach with a stopwatch. Sorry, folks don’t go to The Yard to see the first base coach as skipper interviews continue.


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