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Commentary has to hand it to the Controller Annise Parker campaign for being the most aggressive. It seems like her folks regularly put out email missiles that crack on CM Peter Brown and Gene Locke on stuff like stadiums, taking false credit, not knowing the budget process, and being an insider. Her opponents don’t appear to be striking back – interesting. Of course, Annise Parker has been a city hall fixture for close to twelve years now so that hardly makes her an outsider – heck, she’s an insider in my book.

The Chron wrapped up its mayoral profiles today. Now let’s see who they endorse this Sunday. Any bets? Early voting in person starts this Monday so now I got to figure out who gets my vote in the mayoral contest. Meanwhile, Commentary keeps hearing players nervously predicting that all of Peter Brown’s TV, radio, and mail are going to land him a spot in the run-off.

Guv Dude once again has demonstrated that he’s a national embarrassment. First he talks about seceding and now it’s the arson switcheroo probe. Too bad Lone Star State Dems can’t figure out how to capitalize on his mess.

Finally the MLB playoffs get going again. It’ll be five straight evenings of baseball for sure as the ‘Stros continue to interview skipper candidates.


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