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Commentary said a while back that Guv Dude was driving the agenda in the Lone Star State’s GOP Primary. I was right. After getting bumped around by Dude’s handlers over her resignation, now Hutch is saying she doesn’t know when she will quit. She was supposed to quit this past summer, then in October, then in November….she is kind of looking silly. You have to hand it to Dude and his folks. They sure know how to jerk her chain. Heck, if Dude beats her next March, she may just stay in the U.S. Senate.

One of the truly good guys is no longer with us. Federal Judge William Wayne Justice did more to move the Lone Star State forward than anybody else over the past 100 years.

Controller Annise Parker sent out an email to complain about CM Peter Brown’s TV ads. She says that Brown is taking credit for stuff he didn’t do. Meanwhile, The Nefster told me that he hears Brown’s ads are making a dent among certain voters of the conservative persuasion. I don’t think Annise’s emails will trump Peter’s TV ads – sorry.

Speaking of, aside from mail from HISD Trustee candidate Anna Eastman (Commentary’s client), I haven’t received political mail this election season – nada, zilch. Down the street, at a non-Latino household, they have received a bunch of Peter Brown mail – interesting mail strategy.

If you are old school like Commentary and you picked up your Chron this morning, page A5 wasn’t so bad if you ask me.

It looks like the ‘Stros will have a new first base coach next season. Jose “Cheo” Cruz was asked to turn in his stopwatch yesterday. Maybe Milo had a hand in this. Over the past couple of seasons, Milo has called out Cheo for not arguing a few close calls at first. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Cheo show any emotion on close calls. Stay tuned as skipper interviews begin today.


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