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The Chron endorsed CM Ron Green yesterday in the race for City Controller. Expect a Chron endorsement in the mayoral race this Sunday. It will be a key endorsement right before Early Voting begins.

The H-Town City Council takes up the idea of revising term limits this week. Council will decide on creating a term limit special committee. Each member of council gets to appoint a member. The City Controller gets an appointment. The Mayor gets to appoint 6 – huh! I don’t think it is a good idea to bring it up right now. You could have 11 or 12 committee members appointed by current office holders that may not be around next January. Plus, what is off the table is eliminating term limits all together. Now that is BS if you ask me. We got better things to do. If folks want to change term limits, get on out there and start collecting signatures on a petition.

ManRoid listens to Jim Rome. After his Dodgers swept the Cards, ManRoid was asked about practice as they prepare for the NLCS. ManRoid’s response – “practice, practice, practice.”

The Red Sox, Cards, and Twins are done. I don’t think MLB really wants to see an LAD versus LAA World Serious as the ‘Stros get ready to start interviewing skipper candidates this week.



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