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The Houston Firefighters and Police Unions endorsed Gene Locke in the H-Town mayoral race. Controller Annise Parker told the union honchos that she is going to remember what they did if she gets elected. The union honchos are now crying foul and feel threatened – huh! Check out the story in today’s Chron.  I don’t know about you, but I kind of think it is human political nature to not be happy with the folks that didn’t endorse you. If Commentary endorses a candidate in a race, I don’t expect the other fella to do me any favors if he/she wins. Commentary doesn’t think Annise was out of line if she did say those words to the police and firefighter union honchos – that’s Politics 101 in my book. We’re often told that elections have consequences. Hey, endorsements have consequences.

Chron.com also has a piece on Gene Locke’s various positions on 287(g).  Check it out.   Locke explained one version of his 287(g) position to Paul Bettencourt on Dan Patrick’s radio show. This past summer at the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate, he provided us with a different version. Summit participants will be sent a copy of the Chron piece. I wonder if Gene Locke saw yesterday’s Chron piece about the H-Town Mayor starting to walk away from 287(g). You know, Gene is a good guy, but he doesn’t need to be pandering to the right wingers like that.

SHOW ME THE POLLS! Commentary is wondering when someone will leak current polling in the mayoral race. I figure the race is still a toss-up because nobody is SHOWING ME THE POLLS. If someone was polling they would sure be leaking it to us if the results were favorable.

My Best Friend told me last night that he would like to see the Yankees in the World Serious. Trever Miller, Julio Lugo, Brad Lidge, Paul Bako, Randy Wolf, Brad Ausmus, and Mark Loretta are former ‘Stros that are still playing in the NL Playoffs.


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