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H-Town mayoral candidates Controller Annise Parker and Gene Locke put out spin yesterday on their fundraising totals after their campaign finance reports were submitted. The Chron has a story on the reports today.  Check it out.  Locke touts that he has over $1.1 mil in the bank. Well he better, because yesterday was his TV debut and he has yet to put out any direct mail and early voting starts in 13 days. The campaign has done some block walking, but for the most part, yesterday was Locke’s introduction to most voters.

The Parker campaign said that they were right on target yet only had $200,000 plus in the bank. In fairness though, they had reported spending half a mil on media buys.

CM Peter Brown didn’t put out a statement. He doesn’t have to because he’s on TV, radio, sending mail, and that makes him the wild card in the race.

To put it in perspective in 2003, eight days before election day, Bill White had raised over $5.2 mil (some of it his own money) with 54% going into media and 10% in mail. Also that year, during the first go around, Orlando Sanchez raised around $2.65 mil with 38% going into media and 18% in mail.

This year’s most asked local political question is “who’s going to win the mayor’s race?” I don’t think the latest campaign finance reports got us any closer to finding the answer to the question. Stay tuned!

Commentary will try to take a peak at the Twins-Tigers playoff this afternoon and the next task for the ‘Stros is to pick a skipper.


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