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The Chron had a story yesterday about what GOP voters were going to do in the H-Town mayoral race.  Check it out. 

Here is what GOP consultant Allen Blakemore had to say in the piece: “Where are voters in these right-of-center districts going to go? They know enough about Annise to be scared off.” The Chron said “he was talking about her sexual orientation and progressive background.”

He also said in the piece: “They may look at Gene (Locke) and go, ‘the last African-American mayor we had didn’t work out so well.’” Well I guess that means since 43 was Anglo and he ran the country into the ditch that we’re still trying to get out of, that some voters might not want to ever elect an Anglo Prez in the future.

Speaking of, the reason Chicago lost the Olympics is because the rest of the world decided on a little payback for the way 43 treated the rest of the world the last eight years – if you ask me.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez hosted a gathering for H-Town’s Mayor this past Saturday morning and Commentary got to hear the Mayor’s partisan stump rap. He did A-OK if you ask me.

Gene Locke begins to SHOW ME THE TV today. The ad looks pretty good.

That loud thud you heard late Saturday night was Cougarmania crashing back to earth – ouch. They went from 12th ranked to unranked.

From Alyson’s Footnote: “Although it was a disappointing season on the field, it wasn’t all gloom and doom. Wandy Rodriguez had a terrific season and was named by Houston voters as the team’s Pitcher of the Year. Michael Bourn was named Most Valuable Player after an unbelievable breakthrough season both offensively and in the field.

“Jeff Fulchino, who didn’t even make the team out of Spring Training, proved to be one of the most stable relief pitchers, and in turn, he was voted Rookie of the Year. Brian Moehler, one of the most professional and dedicated players I’ve ever met, was awarded with the Darryl Kile Award.”

Miggy ended up with 199 hits and he apollyized for not getting to 200. He was second in the NL in hits and first in doubles with 46 and ended up with a .313 batting average. Bourn led the league with 61 stolen bases and second in triples with 12. Numero 45 was seventh in hits in the NL with 183. Wandy had a 3.02 ERA which put him at ninth in the league. The Big Puma and Roy O had bad years. The Chron said we’d go 13- 18 the last month and 80-82 for the year but we went 11-20 and 74-88. Oh by the way, Opening Day is exactly six months from today!


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