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At last night’s SB Dems meeting, The Dean was the featured speaker. The Dean, who is the smartest fella in Lone Star State government, talked about how Guv Dude and the GOP had run state government into the ditch. Public education, higher tuition, lack of enough mental health facilities, highways, and long lines to get your drivers licenses and Lone Star cards were mentioned. The Dean went on to say that he often asks the groups that he addresses to come up with something that the Lone Star State government is doing right.

Hey Dean! Longhorn and Cougar football are doing A-OK these days.

If study after study shows that using wireless devices while driving is dangerous, why can’t we get them banned? Aside from the wireless phone companies, who thinks they are a good idea these days?

It looks like Controller Annise Parker still reads Commentary these days. She has a new ad out that doesn’t crack on stadiums and museums. Commentary saw the new ad and I don’t think they will have to issue a statement defending this one.

GOP County Clerk Beverly Kaufman is robo calling voters and asking them to support Gene Locke for H-Town mayor. If Gene Locke wins, will he robo call in 2010 and ask voters to support Kaufman?

Here is what Irving’s (former home of the Dallas Cowboys) Sharon Barbosa-Crain said about yesterday’s mention of public monies for the Dynamo Stadium: “Money from TIFs, Tax Increment Financing Zones, is indeed money coming from city hall.  However, it is not money coming out of an already established general fund.  When a TIF zone is created a base tax year is established and all “incremental” money from future ad valorem taxes in that zone is dedicated to the TIF zone.  Incremental is the difference between the base tax year AV and that of subsequent years.  But that money can only be spent on whatever projects are laid out in the TIF plan, approved at the time of the zone.  Of course, that plan can be amended by whatever methodology is necessary given what taxing entities subscribe to the TIF.  Also, a set percentage per year of the increment is usually taken off the top to pay for city services in the hopefully economically-expanding TIF area and for the operation of the TIF, which requires a lot of bookkeeping etc.  A TIF zone can be very helpful, especially in depressed areas, for which such was originally intended, but, TIF zones are increasingly being proposed for economic development type projects in non-depressed areas.  I don’t know any of the details of the proposal discussed below, or whether a TIF zone already exists for this project, but it is all very interesting, part of that wonkish government area which fascinates some of us and bores others.”

You got that! It is still money coming from somebody’s pockets and I don’t have a problem with that. I just don’t like it when candidates try to game voters on this.

Speaking of, The Yard got some run in this year’s Houston Press’ Best of H-Town.

Best Cheap Seats -Houston Astros: “There’s a certain kind of shock that comes when you luck into a friend’s great Astros ticket and you look at the price. Fifty bucks? For a single night at the ballpark? But the truth is, you can have yourself a great night at Minute Maid Park and not put much of a dent in your pocket at all. (We do advise filling up before the game, though; some tickets are cheap, but hot dogs and drinks are another story.) There’s always a slew of great offers on the team’s Web site: Maybe it’s buy an adult ticket for seven bucks, and two kids under 14 can get in free with you. Or maybe it’s a ticket, hot dog, soda and chips all for $10. The point is, bargains are there to be had. "Sure," you scoff — you old scoffer, you — "But the seats are probably in the last row near the roof and in fair territory." To a degree, true, but not completely. And the fact remains that Minute Maid is about as easy as it gets when it comes to the time-honored tradition of "improving" your seat. There’s the Home Run Alley standing room, of course; there’s also typically a wide selection of field-level seats sitting empty. Wait a couple of innings and then look like you belong.” You don’t have to tell that to McLovin.

Best Place to Meet Single Men – Minute Maid Park: "’But I hate sports!’ is what you are saying right about now. You may scoff at going to Minute Park looking for single men because you don’t exactly dig on baseball. But there really is nothing to being an Astros fan. Games can be as good as movies, with moments of tears, laughter, utter infatuation, crazy wardrobe changes and hilarious misunderstandings — like when Cecil Cooper doesn’t pull a pitcher out of an inning even though he’s given up seven runs. There are men galore walking around the Juice Box, and if there’s anything that cheers dudes up after Albert Pujols uses the Crawford Boxes as a target, it’s female company. Well, that and an open tab at Larry’s Big Bamboo. And maybe one of those little baseball helmets filled with ice cream.” Hmmm, so there is more going on at The Yard than what we see on the KissKam.

Lima Time is 37 today. He hasn’t pitched in the bigs since 2006. Happy Birthday Jose Lima wherever you are!

On Monday night, Michael Bourn became the fourth ‘Stro to steal 60 bases or more in a season joining Geral Young, Eric Yellding, and Cesar Cedeno – cool.

The Phillies finally got to the ‘Stros last night and Miggy is inching toward 200 hits for the season – stay tuned!


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