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H-Town’s Mayor will kick-off the Houston Oral History Project (HOHP) at a press conference today. It is about some of H-Town’s notables telling their stories and experiences.  The Chron has a story on it so check it out. 

Controller Annise Parker says the following in her TV ad: "I won’t raise taxes or cut police to fund more stadiums or museums we can’t afford.”

Chron.com says this: “As for the Dynamo stadium, I don’t know that any candidate actually opposes it, since the $10 million the city has pledged would come through a tax increment reinvestment zone, or in other words, would not come out of the general fund or from money used for infrastructure projects.” It may not be money from the general fund but I would still call it money coming from city hall. The city isn’t into the business of printing money, so where is that $10 mil coming from?  Theroretically, that $10 mil could be freed up for some other city need – right?  

The local political community now shifts its eyes toward the Gene Locke campaign. Earlier this year they were boasting that they had raised the most bucks. Oh yeah, then how come they are still not SHOWING ME THE TV!

I know one thing, if H-Town were among the four finalists for the 2016 Olympics, Guv Dude, Hutch, and the H-Town Mayor would want The President to go to Copenhagen to help seal the deal.

The ‘Stros are now into the public school financing business – sort of. The team bought ad space on eight Humble ISD school buses. The ads feature the Big Puma.  Check it out. 

Also from Alyson’s Footnotes: “Most starts this year allowing one or zero runs? Not Kansas City’s Zack Greinke, but rather, Wandy Rodriguez with 19. That’s the highest total since Greg Maddux logged 19 in 2002.”

You know it is that kind of season when we are ten games under .500 but 5-0 against last season’s World Serious Champs.


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