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Commentary ran into someone very close to the CM Peter Brown mayoral campaign this past weekend and they feel pretty good about where things stand. I’d be feeling good too. They’ve been on TV for a few weeks now. They are putting out some mail. Controller Annise Parker just got on the air last Thursday. We don’t know when Gene Locke is going up although he does have a radio ad running on one radio station. If Peter keeps up this pace he could very well secure a spot in a runoff.

Meanwhile, the Annise Parker campaign had to put out a statement Friday defending their ad and their support for the arts. This happens when you crack museums and stadiums in your ad. I bet when they first put out their ad they didn’t think they would have to defend it the next day.

There is a piece today in the SA Express news about the likelihood of a Dem getting on the Lone Star State’s Legislative Redistricting Board.  Check it out.   A couple of years from now when the GOP does a punk job on Dems on the issue of redistricting, instead of crying foul and blaming the GOP, why not put a smack dab blame on the folks that are running the Lone Star State Dem Party for sitting on their arses and not FULLY engaging the state’s growing Latino community.

The Spanish language radio station that goofed on the Rojos/Medias Rojas ad last week put out a statement apollyizing. Of course, the Chron didn’t mention the statement.

Speaking of, last week, the Sports 610 Radio afternoon hosts questioned why the team handed out Pudge bobbleheads this past Saturday. You know those knuckleheads probably don’t understand that this was announced at the beginning of the season and some folks that take their kids to maybe one or two games a year look for opportunities where the kids can get something and they plan this way in advance. Plus, the team already had the stuff so what were they supposed to do – throw them away?

Well, another season at The Yard is over. It was fitting that the team sent some mariachis over to Commentary’s pre game hangout this past Saturday – thanks. Let’s hope the team can at least make it hard for the Phillies to clinch today though Thursday.


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