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Commentary was checking out the Controller Annise Parker TV ad and it looks like she is giving up on the Dynamo vote. She says she is not going to cut police and public safety to fund stadiums. It looks like she is also making a direct pitch to the GOP voters that have always voted against using tax monies to build The Yard, Toyota, and Reliant. Of course, in all three elections on this issue over the past 13 years, Latino and African American voters have voted to support using tax monies to build the venues. Well, the current H-Town Mayor better get the deal done now.

Annise is also saying no the Latino museum that Gene Locke is proposing that will house stuff like Commentary’s foul ball collection. I don’t know about that.

Commentary needs to correct what I put out yesterday so here it is: “MariGirl and Commentary listened to some ‘Stros produced Spanish language ads the other day promoting Latino activities at The Yard this weekend in conjunction with the ‘Stros playing los Rojos de Cincinnati. One of the radio stations did their own ads and called them las Medias Rojas de Cincinnati. Medias Rojas is what they call the Red Sox. Someone complained and thought the ‘Stros were pulling a fast one even though the ‘Stros didn’t know that the stations produced their own spots until they checked on Tuesday. The station just made an honest mistake. Of course, if you know your baseball history, you would know that the Reds were originally called the Red Stockings or Medias Rojas – huh!”.

Another correction: “The ‘Stros must have read yesterday’s Commentary and avoided a ten game losing streak and more importantly avoided watching the Cards celebrate clinching the division in our Yard as the team takes a day off and then take on las Medias Rojas, err los Rojos de Cincinnati.”

This weekend is the last chance to see the ‘Stros this season as they take on los Rojos. Get on out there and pick up your collectable cap, Pudge Bobblehead, and team poster!


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