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My takes on the local census in Tuesday’s Chron got the following response:

“Sr. Campos:

“I have a few questions for you about your comments in Lisa Falkenberg’s story (“Census snapshot: We’re all minorities”) from yesterday’s Houston Chronicle:”

Here’s what I said in the Chron: “They [whites] are still the ones that are in charge of the economic engines in town, from the major corporations, Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Houston, the port, a lot of industry … there’s no parity there.”

“So, Sr. Campos, just because Hispanics make up the majority of the Houston population now, they should simply be given political power without deserving or earning it? Would you rather have Hispanics dominating Houston’s political and corporate “power structure” instead of whites? Would that be fair to you? White Houstonians have worked hard for the political and corporate power that they’ve come to possess. They’ve earned it. There aren’t any tricks up their sleeves. They’ve received educations and worked their way up the ladder of life. If Houston Hispanics want these things, they can do the same, and should stop complaining that they should have these positions of power just because they are the majority now (that is, if you speak for all Hispanics in Houston and they are indeed complaining about the “inequality” and “unfairness” of our democratic capitalist system). Capitalism is not about fairness. There’s no time for whining. It’s about competition, and whites are winning the race so far.”

Here’s what I said in the Chron: “You look at who sits in the lower deck of the Astros game and it’s still mostly white. We’ve still got a long way to go.”

“’A long way to go’ to what? To the time when those sitting in the lower deck are mostly Hispanic? I don’t understand. Are you proposing that Hispanics dominate business and politics in Houston instead of whites? Is that fair? What do you want? Do you want “reverse inequality” and “reverse discrimination”? Maybe you just want white business and political leaders and sports team owners to simply hand over their companies and legislative seats and teams to Hispanics, in order to be “fair” and accurately reflect the 2008 census data. Or else it’s plain old American apartheid, right?

Shame on the whites for being white. And !Viva la Raza! Sinceramente…..Z.Richardson”

Who asked for his opinion?

Everyone Knew Her As Nancy also put out a take on CM Peter Brown SHOWING ME THE TV. Controller Annise Parker is finally SHOWING ME THE TV. I was corrected yesterday. It turns out Gene Locke started running radio ad this past Monday, of course, how was I supposed to know since they didn’t put out a press release on the ad and the ad isn’t running on Sports 610.

MariGirl and Commentary listened to some ‘Stros produced Spanish language ads the other day promoting Latino activities at The Yard this weekend in conjunction with the ‘Stros playing los Rojos de Cincinnati. One of the radio stations did their own ads and called them las Medias Rojas de Cincinnati. Medias Rojas is what they call the Red Sox. Someone complained and thought the ‘Stros were pulling a fast one even though the ‘Stros didn’t know that the stations produced their own spots until they checked on Tuesday. The station just made an honest mistake. Of course, if you know your baseball history, you would know that the Reds were originally called the Red Stockings or Medias Rojas – huh!

Did you know that this season Numero 45 and Big Puma became the 10th and 11th players in MLB history to hit 20 plus dingers in every year of a decade? They joined the likes of Babe Ruth, Mel Ott, Jimmie Foxx, Gil Hodges, Hank Aaron, Reggie, Reggie, Barry, Barry, Matt Williams, and A-Roid.

The ‘Stros must have read yesterday’s Commentary and avoided a ten game losing streak and more importantly avoided watching the Cards celebrate clinching the division in our Yard as the team takes a day off and then take on las Medias Rojas, err los Rojos de Cincinnati.


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