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Commentary got some run last night on the local Fox News channel on how folks should have reacted to the stupid stinking fake political campaign emails.  Check it out. 

I read where someone tried to call out H-Town mayoral candidate Peter Brown for not issuing a statement expressing outrage on the fake email. Commentary thinks that everyone should have ignored the email because we all knew it was a fake. All they did was give the perp the run he/she wanted.

Commentary also got some run in today’s Chron in a column on the census.  Check it out. 

Guv Dude was up in D.C. last week bragging to his fellow right wingers by saying things would be a lot better if the rest of the country handled business like he handles business here in the Lone Star State. Yeah, sure like leading the country in having the most uninsured folks.

I got the feeling the Cecil No Se Puede wanted to get run and shown the door. I got the feeling that he just wasn’t in to it these days.

One of the co-hosts of the afternoon show on Sports 610 and the Chron Sports Columnist who is the smartest guy in baseball both yearn for the days of former ‘Stros GM Jerry Hunsicker. I wonder if they know Mike Rosamond, Robert Stiehl, Chris Burke, and Derick Grigsby. They were Hunsicker’s number one draft choices from 1999 to 2002.

We didn’t do so hot last night and now have to win at least 3 out of the remaining 12 to avoid a 90 loss season – ouch!


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