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Commentary will not express outrage over the fake group Christians for Better Government putting out its list of endorsements and their personal crack on H-Town mayoral candidate Controller Annise Parker because I knew it was a hoax and fake all along. Every time someone puts out a take expressing outrage, all you do is give the arsehole some run.

The dreaded questionnaire that was sent out last week was a dead giveaway that it was a fake. You know – the one that asked if city candidates would support putting up the Ten Commandments at every city park. Would candidates support an ordinance to eliminate the Kiss Kam at The Yard because it promoted promiscuity among young ‘Stros fans? Would candidates support slipping scripture into our monthly water bills? Would candidates support an ordinance eliminating public hedonistic rituals on Sundays like tailgating stuff at Reliant? Would candidates support eliminating the Pride Parade or at least not allow Planned Parenthood folks to hand out condoms or those den dam things that Commentary still hasn’t figured out how to use? The last one – would candidates direct the Arts Alliance to fund the construction of a Jerry Falwell statue that would be placed at the corner of Bagby and Westheimer?

Speaking of, CM Peter Brown continues to SHOW ME THE TV while the others don’t.

It is official. The ‘Stros won’t be World Serious bound this season. Even though the season is over, I hope the team doesn’t play like it is over. We still have six at home and fans want to get their money’s worth. I don’t know about Cecil No Se Puede publicly discussing his 2010 job status this past weekend. It is kind of a not so smart move. We have to go at least 3-10 to avoid losing 90 this season as the Cards come in for three tonight.


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